Hand Versus Planter: Can Kevin keep up with the modern day planter?
4 Jul 241m 56s

Kevin Matthews provides an update on the corn he had to plant by hand earlier this season. How did he do?

00:00 All right, so y'all remember back in the, when we was planting, I had a row that, uh, drug up seed didn't get in the ground 00:06 and kind of got caught out here in the field planting it by hand early one morning. 00:10 I didn't want to see a mess here at my house or any field really. I, I do this when it happens. 00:16 I usually, it'll have it once or twice a year every year. And this is what I do. 00:20 You could easily just drive by and just leave that little area out. It's just an area for weeds to grow 00:24 and you're not gonna make no money unless seed's in the ground. So let's see what kind of job I've done. 00:29 Alright, so here's all the pile of residue that the planter drug up. I kicked it and spread it out. 00:33 So this decomposed them pretty good. This is where I picked the planter up when I stopped and seen. 00:39 It was dragging up. It didn't go far, but probably a hundred yards or more. But I planted this road right here by hand. 00:48 Yeah, on my hands and knees. And I blurt. I'm not into shape to be doing that like I once did. All right, so you can see, well I started 00:56 to say we got a little bit of a deviation there, but then when I go to the one where the planter planted, I see it there too. 01:01 That's odd up. I messed up right here. I missed a spot or so you got back on my game right here. Pretty good. Check the seed depths out. 01:09 Definitely got her two inches in the ground. You can tell by that. I would advise from my observation to continue with the planter 01:19 and not be doing this manual stuff, although would be a good way for commodity prices to get a lot higher. 01:25 If we did more manual, there'd be a whole lot less acres planted. Anyhow. This is what determination does. 01:30 This has got a chance. Had I left that seed laying on top of the road, we would've got nothing. 01:35 By the way, I am gonna give you a little sneak peek here. Uhoh. These roads are missing right in here. 01:39 Wonder if that's intention. Well, let's see. Whoop, got it right here too. Hmm. Ah, this might get interesting this fall. 01:47 You know how we guys are at stream ag? We're always trying something a little bit different. Y'all stay tuned.

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