Kelly's Zironar Trial
16 Jul 232 min 6 sec

It is hot and dry, and the corn is rolling. Perfect time to take a look at Kelly's Zironar trial with Mike Wingrove. Zironar was hit and miss on soybeans when it first came out.  Let's see how it does on corn.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Gear. I'm with Mike Windrow of Integrated Ag. We're out here in our FMC lab, which is all about Zion, 00:07 which is a root health product. This plant is from the applied area with the Zion. We had added Zor to the Inferral mix. 00:15 The plant Windrow has is from the unapplied area. We clearly see that the roof system in the Zion R applied area appears to be better to us. Also, 00:26 notice how we picked a bigger plant here and a smaller plant here. You know, there's maybe a bit of a compaction issue or something, 00:33 but we did that on purpose to show the healthier room system. Obviously we have to take it to yield. 00:39 I get frustrated when people are talking about brut, and that means that you should buy the product. Everything, everything depends on roi, everything depends upon yield. Right now though, 00:48 this does look promising. Uh, we came out here in the afternoon, it's hot, dry. We really haven't had a rain here for five weeks. Uh, the corn is rolled up. 00:58 We could have come out here in the morning when the corn was unrolled at. Nice. But we wanted to come out to, 01:03 we thought it'd give a better visual as to what the Zion R's doing out here. Wood gr. Do you think that the zar looks better? 01:10 Yeah, so especially it's, it's been, uh, if you're looking at the two different roots, I, I have the one that I treated area Kelly's holding the tree, 01:19 and these reds are going deeper into the soil. I'm gonna put it up where the moisture's at. So I believe with the roots going deeper, getting into moisture, 01:27 we're gonna have a better ROI on using the Zion. Yeah, just with the dry weather we're having, the deeper we can get in that soil with the root system, you know, 01:35 avoiding the Nebo tons. Zion R is, came out for all crops, was kind of targeted for soybeans. I've said this in an earlier video, 01:44 but the results in soybeans are hit and miss, but surprisingly the results have been pretty good in corn. So that's why we're testing it here this year. It's 94 degrees out here. 01:52 The wind is blowing, the corn's rolled up. It's definitely the dog. Days of summer, it's hot.

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