Kelly's Precision Sprayer Upgrade
23 Jul 221 min 13 sec

Kelly talks about the new system he installed on his Hagie sprayer that allows you to maintain the correct sprayer pressure at various speeds.  The

Pinpoint 2

 system is ideal for use in terrain such as Kelly's where steep hills and valleys make it difficult to maintain speeds.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from extreme Magnum here to talk to you today about the pinpoint 2 system from capstan egg. We 00:06 installed this system on our Hagee to maintain pressure while we're going through the fields. If you cannot maintain the speed that you normally would this technology is great. 00:15 Especially if you've got a newer operator in the sprayer or like what we're about to do today. If it dries up 00:21 we are getting a bit of rain thankfully. What we're about to do today is go put make a foliar application of stress mitigation products and 00:29 micronutrients on some taller corn in our Hills with the corn being the size that it is. We can't always maintain again that speed sometimes we've 00:38 got to slow down the pinpoint two system allows you to slow down and do a great job not running over the corn. My dad calls it iron blight, 00:47 and we could not be happier with this technology. It just it just makes spraying easier. Also the way 00:53 that technology integrates into the computer system of your sprayer. You really would think it is a factory setting. It just works great. It's easy. It's 01:02 seamless the relationship. We have a capstan egg has really improved things around here at Land and Cattle, and I couldn't be happier. Thanks.

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