This Makes A Big Difference For Us
19 Sep 230 min 38 sec

Kelly is trialing steel grain trailers from


 this season. Here is one thing he never thought would be a big deal, but turns out it makes a tremendous difference when it comes to being more efficient this harvest season. 

00:03 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from Extreme Ag. We're trying some of these Demco steel trailers this year, and we're looking for things that we like better than the aluminum trailers 00:10 trying to decide if the Demco is better or not. Here's something that I really like. The hoppers are eight and a half inches higher than the aluminum trailers we 00:18 use. That's a big difference on an auger. That's a big difference. Crawling in out of a gate hole and the terrain that we have to go over in these 00:24 hills, we don't ever have to worry about getting high centered. We can get in and outta areas easier, 00:28 where the aluminum trailer causes us a problem.

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