Rice Update: Keeping Weeds Out of The Rice
12 Jun 242m 27s

Matt Miles talks about weed control and the process of flooding his rice.

00:00 I know I talk about this a lot and, uh, I still think it's kind of cool. There's so many people that, you know, have the fallacy 00:05 that rice has grown in water. Its whole life. If you watch a, you know, a movie about Vietnam 00:10 or whatever, when we was over in the war, you see a lot of rice patties and they're always full of water. They're foot deep or whatever. 00:16 That's just not the way rice has grown. It has to have water, has to have a lot of it, but in wet conditions like this year, rice will, you know, 00:23 will outdo everything else as far as corn and beans and cotton. But you have to get the rice established 00:28 before you get it in the water. What you're seeing out here, this ground's relatively dry. We've still got some, some zero grades just north of here 00:36 that, that we couldn't get on. Still got water on 'em. So that all depends on the backwater and what happens with that. 00:41 But, uh, we're putting out our second application of fertilizer and we run our herbicide application. We always run the herbicide application first 00:48 because if you run a fertilizer and you don't get your herbicide out, then you fertilizing the grass. 00:53 The last thing you want to do is have some real robust, healthy grass. Competing with a rice, rice is a grass crop. 00:59 That's the reed control. So if we can kill this grass at one to two leaf, get it dead when the rice is big enough to go ahead 01:05 and put a apply flood to it, you know, we'll put a flood on here. That'll be somewhere around, hopefully three inches deep, 01:10 and from then on we'll keep this ground mucky or flooded and that'll keep, that will keep the majority 01:16 of the grass from being able to come through. You know, the grass has evolved over the years to where it can live in water a lot better than it could in the 01:22 past, but that's the main and the cheapest way that we can control grass and rice. If you ever let that grass get as big as a rice 01:29 or anywhere close as big as a rice, there's not a lot of herbicides out there that'll kill it and it will literally overtake your rice crop. 01:35 I've had places in the field where, you know, the yield was zero because of barnyard grass and it's getting resistant 01:41 to a lot of the different chemicals. So just kind of gives you an idea. I'll show you some of the cracks and how that works. 01:46 That's where if we can keep the ground sealed over, you know, with the prem margins and the grass won't come through the cracks, 01:52 but, uh, this will show you some of the grass. You can see that grass, you know, that's a two leaf piece of ARD grass that's come out through the cracks. 01:59 So even though the soil looks dry, you know, if you pull the, the gum back about a half inch or so, you will see that it's straight mud Right there. 02:09 Anyway, just a little update on the rice and, uh, we'll keep you posted how it goes. This year. Crop looks pretty good. 02:15 I've seen better, but I've seen a whole lot worse. So we're very fortunate with what we've got, but, uh, we'll keep you posted through the year on 02:21 what the rice is looking like.

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