Keeping The Water Off The Wheat
3 Jan 231 min 50 sec

It's the middle of winter, and Chad has had a good bit of rain in the past month. He shows us how he keeps the water off his wheat by managing the water table with his


 drain tile system.

00:00 Good morning, y'all this Chad Anderson with extreme egg. There ain't much going on as December, but the lift station don't know 00:06 that it's it's wide open. It thinks it's mid June and we watering corn. It's December. We've had a good bit of rain and on and 00:15 off and I'm in a spot in the field. I want to show y'all that hardly ever. Have we got a wheat crop on it? I'd say never we got a wheat crop off 00:24 of it. So there's a drainage ditch right there and and a towel runs through that and it's doing all I can do but the main party is is keeping 00:33 it off the field. So we have one spot here. that has suffered from the water and as we look up, you know all this area right here. We've never really got 00:44 a crop off of there's another one right there. That's a low spot. But y'all we've had two rain events last 10 days that's been plus two inches some 00:53 of it up to three inches. So, you know in the water tables High and that makes a difference when the water tables had 01:00 Pump Station lift station is gonna work harder, but here's this grounds tiled here and 01:07 it's on 40 foot centers. But we have one water hole here. That's probably size of pickup truck and the rest of us going strong. So we're 01:15 real proud of this thing. We can't wait to see the wheat, we pull off of it as you can see we got her going on. He's 01:21 pumping her out. So we had to put the 90 on it. You see right there because of the because the flow meter so the flow meter's right there and we don't 01:30 put the 90 on it. That's right there. Then it can't keep the Pack full. So when it keeps fat full we get accurate reading on how many gallons a minute that's leaving here. 01:39 But she's well at work this morning, so keeping the water off a week.

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