Keeping The Nutrients Available
14 Jul 231 min 19 sec

Kelly and Mike talk about a trial with a new product from Concept Agritek that promises to keep nutrients available to the roots within the soil profile.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett out here with Mike Windrow in the concept Agritech field. As you can see by the dead grass out here, we just made our books Chem Pass, 00:08 windrow nailed it, of the chemical program This year, beans, we're gonna be clean and looks like much right now with the low population we 00:15 planned in the prior weather we've had. We're supposed to get some rain this weekend. These bees still have to, so that's why we're out here scouting 'em and looking at 'em. 00:23 The product we applied here so far is Raytheon. In this lab we put Raytheon and furrow on the soybean planter, Raytheon as a nutrient answer to help keep the nutrients in the solution 00:35 and the root thri. So, so why does that matter? Well, we wanna keep that nutrient availability right where the roots are gonna need them. With the nutrient availability, it'll help with the water uptake, 00:47 get the nutrients into the plant. I would think that this would be an especially important product in a low c C environment like Chad, Matt, and those guys where, 00:55 where the things could fall at the bottom or on the river bottoms, they'll bring it. Where Sandy, keeping the nutrients of the soil profile, 01:01 whether rather than wishing out the bottom, would be very important. By making the nutrients more efficient, 01:06 by keeping them where we need 'em to be plant available, we should be able to use less fertilizer, 01:10 which is obviously added efficiency and added sustainability.

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