Enjoying A Cool Canopy on A Hot Day
25 Jul 235 min 34 sec

Damian gets up from a nap and talks with Kelly about a product he is trialing that helps keep the canopy cooler with a coconut bi-product, and boy does Kelly need it this year. 

00:00 So why am I laying in the cornfield in Crawford County, Iowa? Taking a little snooze because it's cool. 00:04 Down here under the canopy we're lowering the temperature with a product called Haven from rov. Bacter. That's right. In a year like this, when it's very dry, 00:12 very hot, you might have a need for something like this. That's what we're talking about in this video, 00:17 Brad Passion with ROV Bacter and I met, uh, a couple years ago working with extreme ag. One of the cool things we did, we were at Lee Lubers up in Gregory, South Dakota, and it was 00:28 well Oppressively hot, and we were sitting in the field and you said, you know what? We got this product that's derived from coconuts. And the uh, 00:36 concept here is you use this and it keeps it cooler in the canopy. You apply it when the corn's a bit taller fungicide treatment time and it'll get 00:44 you through that dog. Days of summers we talk about A, does it work and b, what's gonna happen here that you hope to see cuz you're having one of those dog 00:51 days of summer kind of here's we are, we are, You know, I'm very excited to any time take stress off the crop. As I've told you, 00:57 I don't believe we know what a stress-free crop looks like because we've never seen one. Products like Haven are helping us step in that direction. 01:06 Lowering the canopy temperature's gonna help. You know, it's been 90 degrees three days in a row. Omaha, Nebraska said it was the driest may on record. 01:13 I don't know what better spot to apply a haven than Right here. That's right what's Talked about before. I remember that. Uh, here man Will said, wait a minute, 01:21 what coconuts they talking about? How does coconut technology help us grow corn in the Midwest? So give us your answer again because I don't remember what 01:28 You said then. Well, I guess more than anything else, uh, Haven is derived coconut with 01:36 what's in supply went after pollination, and we get the dog days. When you're in that 95 or hundred degree temperatures, 01:44 we're gonna lower that ke temperature, keep the, and I beat milk night. And so that you can, you know, finish strong, uh, throughout the season. 01:54 We've now tested this now for three years, uh, in the row crops and um, yes, uh, but, uh, Lee Lubers last year it was uh, 90 degrees, 02:06 didn't have but six inches of rain the entire sl and he had very good results of, uh, Avon on both corn, soy still 02:15 Salvage the crop on both corn and soy. Do we actually get down there and measure? I mean it's gonna be cooler down there anyway because it's shaded. 02:21 So what is the promise of the product? Does it change it by five more degrees? Is it change it by three more degrees? 02:28 And also what's it take to make it make a difference, I guess every, every ounce of water cows and you're like, 02:32 That's a great question, Brad. I'm gonna let you take It out. Well, I guess what, anything else? I mean even if you bring it down just a few degrees and the, the, 02:40 the most critical thing, uh, during uh, corn production there later in the season is those nighttime temperatures. Yeah. 02:50 And if those are at 90 degrees or even 85, I mean that corn just wants to shut down. So if we can keep those stone mates open and uh, 03:00 we can help that transpiration rate and lower that canopy temperature, that's what Haven does. And um, 03:07 it's been used for a number of years in the specialty market and now we're bringing it over to, uh, the row crop. 03:13 Kelly, all the talk about increasing global pri temperatures and they know there's almost a little bit of hysteria about that. Are we gonna be able to grow food? 03:20 And everybody asks me this's more of the suburban people, I say, you gotta realize there's technology out here that's making adaptations and 03:26 adjustments so we can grow amazing high yield record setting crops. Is this where the future goes? Like, okay, yeah, 03:32 it might be a little warmer than it was 50, a hundred years ago, but you know what, we got this PRT called haven. We, 03:38 if we keep it a three degrees tip, cooler, cooler under there and you know what it's Resolved. Sometimes that's all it takes. It's just a few degrees. 03:45 He's absolutely correct. And yes, as I've said before, we're wasting a lot of our fertility budget because the crop doesn't always need more fertility. It needs plant health, it needs stress mitigation products. 03:56 This is a perfect example. This is where my form is going because we're not using our whole budget. I'm not suggesting spend more money to put a product like Haven on. 04:05 I'm suggesting you should turn down your fertility and add haven into the ex existing budget and you'll improve your roi. 04:11 It seems to me that, uh, when we were at, uh, Arkansas and we're shooting stuff and Matt Miles tells me last year, the problem is, you know, 04:18 think about a great athlete that never gets a break and they play the whole game and they never get to sit down. They're exhausted. Well he's like, that's my, 04:24 that's my crops By the time we get to August because it doesn't cool down at night. He says, we can handle 102 degrees in humid during the day, 04:30 but we need that cooled out night. This is where I think an application of a product like this might really have a bigger return on the investment. 04:37 Yes, that's exactly right. That's where we're going. Yep. North, south. Cool. So you're gonna be, you. I'm not getting aside, 04:44 I was laying in here saying it was cooler down here and it was cuz the shade it, we haven't even put the haven on yet. It'll go on here in another few weeks. 04:49 Yes. And then it'll get us through that July, August timeframe. Absolutely. It'll get through that tassel time, 04:54 that reproductive time when the crop's very hungry. When the corn is tall, it's gonna be hot. You know, first of all, it's hot now, 05:00 but it'll continue to be hot and that's when the crop is under the most stress Question I always gotta ask, is there compatibility issues? It's hard. 05:06 Is it an extra pass? You don't have the time or money or he ordered manpower to put on you put it on with a fungicide, it goes straight in there. Any issues? 05:14 Absolutely. No, it has so far. It's worked great and yeah, it, it doesn't add a pass because we put it on a fungicide time. 05:19 Got it. His name's Kelly Derrick. His name is Brad Page with a company called RSO Backer. I'm Dave Mason. I'm gonna go back and take myself a little nap right here where it's cool. 05:26 You know what, you guys take it over for the rest of the day.

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