Keeping It In Solution
22 May 232 min 20 sec

Chad talks about the only adjuvant that he has come across so far that has successfully kept Atrazine in solution during his herbicide applications and the new micro pack he is trying out this season.

00:00 Hey y'all. This's Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag, and here we are talking about spray tech. So we've got a couple products that I wanna talk to you today about. 00:08 You've seen one on Boron. That product that I'm using, you know, because of the use rate, 00:12 a lot of it is use rate and I like the way the boron gets into plant, but other than that we have, uh, full tech here. It's adjuvant that we've got, 00:20 we don't run any, we run it last year with some herbicide. You know, when you start getting a lot of stuff into herbicide, 00:27 your atrazine and a lot of that stuff, you know, atrazine is, is just thick, you know, it's hard to deal with sometimes. 00:33 This is the only stuff I had that I've had so far that would keep this in solution really well. Um, it's done a great job. It's uh, like a, 00:42 a two ounce use rate, you know, and it's real low use rate, but uh, it does a good job of keeping in solution, getting a spray. 00:49 It's about 27 different things in that bottle. I know you said like, are you serious? 27? But no joke, we counted them up, uh, 00:56 when me and some of the guys with spray tech and was laughing about it, you know, but it's drift retardant, you know, it's a, it's, you hate to say, 01:02 you know, it's, hey, it's a one size fits all kind of thing, you know, because you get carried away with that, you know. 01:08 But it does do a great job of drift retardant. It does a great job of defamer. It does a great job with keeping things in the mix, you know, 01:15 especially like the atrazine won't settle out with, we hadn't had it happen yet. That's a big deal to us. The other thing I'm looking at this year, real, 01:22 real heavy is this Cube product. Um, this cube is a pretty good load, um, of microbes. It's like 3% nitrate, um, 01:31 7% phosphate, uh, 1.25 sulfur boron, 2.5, and copper at 4%. But this cube is what we're gonna play with a good bit this year. 01:43 Obviously we got a pallet of it, you know, I'm gonna play with it. So when you think that, you know, hey, well they send these guys product, 01:48 they do send us product to work through, try out test, but when we start going pallets, they ain't sending that to us, I promise y'all. So we're invested in this, you know, and as is with a lot of these companies, 01:59 you know, we put our heart into it as well. So y'all think about something. If you need something like this and it's a, 02:05 the use rates are down where you need 'em to be, this is a good product to try test, to start getting onto your farm cause we've seen good results with it. 02:14 Thank y'all.

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