Keeping Ammonia Levels Down
10 Jul 232 min 4 sec

Temple talks about a trick he has learned to reduce the ammonia levels down in livestock houses. 

00:00 All right, well this is a little bit of a different video here. So what we're working with here is Trium. So, um, 00:07 I know the triumph's used in, uh, lagoons for animal waste and stuff like that. So I made a phone call last year to James Patterson and I said, Hey, look, 00:17 this is the problem that we're having here at the farm. Now it's at a very, very small level, but it tells us some of the things that Trium does. 00:26 So what Trium does, um, for, for Madeline here, and the phone call that I made was this. So inside this barn, this is like a cool box. This is for her show cattle, you know, 00:35 she keeps the manure cleaned out every day, but you know, with the urine, it runs through this floor and you smell that ammonia smell all the time. So, 00:44 Madeline, how do you use this product? So I put it in a sprayer and I put about a quart in the sprayer and then fill the rest up with water, and I spray it on the ground. 00:53 And it keeps the ammonia levels down because before when we didn't use it, the ammonia levels were really high in here. But now that we have it on here, 01:01 when you come in in the morning, it doesn't smell like ammonia. So with your ammonia levels down in here, so like if you take for instance, 01:08 like in chicken houses, if you use Trium and they sprayed it over the top, I personally think that it would take the ammonia levels way down in there. 01:16 But not only that, you know, the trium works very well where it actually makes your phosphorus available. Now, I know that in Madeline's case, that's really not what she's after. 01:26 She's just trying to get the ammonia levels down in here. So like hog houses, um, where they have the manure pitch directly underneath. You could be having, 01:35 you know, extreme different levels of ammonia in the hog houses. And what happens is, is it's, it's safer, it's healthier when you breathe that, 01:44 that ammonia all day, you know, their lungs can't take that. So it's just one more way to to, to use that product. 01:50 And I know that that's not really, not selling the product, but it's kind of a neat little, uh, sideline story to what this triumph does. 01:57 We'll be back to you soon.

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