31 Oct 223 min 10 sec

Matt completed phase 2 of his triple crop plan when he harvested his July planted beans.  Despite a frost, the beans did much better than he expected. He talks yield, his decision to desiccate and next steps.

00:00 Hi guys. I just won't give you kind of an update what's going on on the triple crop. We have finished phase 00:06 two of the project phase one being the beans. We planted in February of phase two being the beans we planted in July. 00:14 We finished cutting them today cut a little bit of a little bit of them yesterday got the drill set for phase 00:20 three got the beans finished up today and started to drill we like about I don't know probably an hour having a field drilled in a week pretty good 00:29 moisture. So this field actually had moisture. We hadn't planted any of the rest of our wheat yet because we don't have moisture to plant it but we've been here getting this field along, you know 00:38 through this drought so we had to moisture to be able to plan to see supposed to get an inch of rain tonight here in about four five six hours. So hopefully that a 00:47 that'll make a difference too the main yielding it up a little better than I expected. For what happened? So the frost that we had that's something 00:56 we have. Absolutely no. Experience with we have experience with frost early when we try to push yields, but we don't have experience with frost late. 01:05 So it wasn't as bad as what we thought the beans still had a pretty good test way too. We did get about 10 day earlier Harvest by that now 01:14 we did also go in there because I wanted to get them done before this rain and put some a desk at on there. We didn't use gramoxone this time because the 01:23 temperature we use just straight up salt default five salt. That's not really a good desk and I don't recommend that in a normal situation, but 01:32 with the frost all the leaves are gone. We had a few pods that needed to be dried out. So we put a pound and a half of salt out to kind of dry those 01:41 pods out ended up cutting them at about 13 to 135 percent and they made 41 and a half bushel. So I was I was kind 01:50 of hoping for 20 to 30 bushel, you know, I feel like we really done a pretty good job there that gives us a little over 120 bushel yield for the whole crop. 01:59 And then depending on what we do on this on this week, you know, I think it's gonna be a pretty good deal had more expense and cost production with this crop 02:08 then we deal with the last crop simply because the insects so, you know, there's a given tank there the ROI on this crop. 02:16 May not be as good as the ROI is will not be as good as Roi will be on a fairway crop. But when you put them together, they're still a positive and being able 02:25 to come in here and plant. We did. You know, the price of what weed is we feel like it's a pretty good deal also. So this is 02:31 just kind of little update phase threes in the ground. Hopefully we get this rain tonight. We get a good stand. I had a few drill issues. We 02:40 got some parts on the drill. We probably should have replaced so our population not gonna be quite where we wanted it, but we're gonna 02:46 send it. Whatever it was. We're gonna send it. I told Chad I said I said the drill we're on 70 and it's 02:52 not enough gonna go to 95. We said, oh no go to a hundred and just send it. So so that's what we ended up doing. And once we get the weed up, we'll come 03:01 back to another report to him, but just wanted to kind of give you an idea what was going on now.

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