Storm Damaged Corn
5 Jun 241m 24s

Johnny Verell reports on the aftermath of a severe storm that delivered two and a half inches of rain in a short time. The storm caused significant damage, laying corn flat despite its strong root system. This particular field, previously planted with wheat and now double-cropped with corn, had undergone vertical tillage to manage residue. The storm also brought a noticeable increase in earthworm activity as they sought oxygen. While the corn, in the V4 to V5 growth stages, is expected to recover with sunshine, additional rain in the forecast poses further challenges.

00:00 Johnny Rell with extreme Ag. We just had a terrible storm coming through. We had probably two and a half inches 00:04 of rain dropping just a very short period of time. We're out riding around, kinda looking at how much damage we got and trees down 00:10 and different things going on. And you know, the corn, it really laid the corn over on its side. 00:14 It's got a really good root system going when it just literally laid the corn over. I know it'll stand up most of the time in the past. 00:21 It always stands up. We just thought we'd come out here and look and just see, you know, really what was going on. 00:25 And this is the field we actually had weed in last year, and we double cropped corn behind that. 00:29 So it had a lot of residue. We ran a vertical tillage over it to kind of size up the residue, make it easier to plant 00:34 and be able to get, get some good seed to soil contact there. And we're out here looking at that. 00:38 One thing we notice is the amount of earthworms that are crawling outta the ground after this big rain. There's just dozens and dozens 00:43 of them just right here in this one little section. You can just see everywhere you're looking. You see the earthworms coming outta the ground trying 00:48 to get oxygen and trying to find a new home after that rain there. But we'll check back in on this field. 00:52 We think it'll be fine. It's just probably the first time in my life I've seen this many acres lean over like this. 00:58 And the corn's at a, you know, a pretty sensitive stage for that. It didn't green snap or nothing like that, 01:02 but you know, you're in V four going in B five corn. V five corn really is where we are. So we'll see what it looks like another day or two. 01:08 It'll stand back over some good sunshine, but we got two and a half inches outta that rain. 01:12 They're calling for another two and a half to three inches over the next 44, 48 hours. So we'll see how things turn out.

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