Johnny Found 8 More Acres to Farm
9 Apr 241m 17s

Johnny is doing a little dirt work this week, clearing 8 more acres of farm land in time for planting.

00:00 Johnny pll, extreme ag. You know, there's always things going on on the farm. You know, part of our farm 00:05 and operation, we do quite a bit of dirt work on our own. So we got several dozers, 00:08 several trackos that you can see here. The ground, you know, it's really not level. It's 1520 foot elevation difference in places. 00:15 We bought this farm about a year ago and it had, uh, had a block of, uh, trees on it. There really weren't much value at all 00:21 and it was kind of just out in the middle of the field. We thought we'd come in here and try to clean it up, try to make it all, 00:26 uh, row crop ground. So we're out here today doing that. I just thought it'd give y'all a little idea of 00:30 what we're doing on our farm. It got one excavator up on top of a hill here and he's kind of taking the top of the hill off 00:35 and putting it in the valleys. Same thing over here. Got another excavator running over here. 00:40 Got a dozer down there running and got a dirt pan running. Kind of let one out. The ridges of stuff 00:45 that the dozer stuff hadn't done yet. And like I said, this is nothing different anybody else does. It's just something that we're doing out here today while 00:51 we're waiting to, we even start planting. There's still about a week or so off on planting. So we thought we'd move in over here 00:57 and, uh, see what all we could do over here to get this ground in shape. It's about seven, eight acres of ground. 01:01 Thought it was gonna be a pretty big under tanking, but we've really only been out here about a half a day so far. 01:06 And look around here, you can really see how much we really level this ground out.

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