It's Still Green From Top To Bottom
20 Sep 236 min 5 sec

It's early September and Temple's corn is still green from top to bottom. He talks about the late season fertility plan with Tommy and Jason from Nachurs.

00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple Rhodes with Strain Ag. I got Jason Worley and Tommy Rhodes with Nature's They Debt. Um, this particular field had Oil of Nature's product on it from the beginning to 00:11 the end. Um, although these guys here, because when I talk about some late season fertility, you know, we hear, Chad and I talk about it all the time about that Sendent pay us that, send it, 00:20 pay us. Well that's why we're gonna talk about this hoop today. So tell what's making these planes do what they do. 00:28 Like we're groom from the top to the bottom and the only thing we got is a little bit of, you know, it looks like the gear is starting to die off. 00:35 So what's hot? Well, one thing, one common mistake people make is once they get to tassel and pollination, they kind of go on vacation and think it's over with. But that's really as, 00:47 as Temple said and what Chad always says, that's when you really need to start sending fertility. Because what people don't understand is that the bulk of phosphorus 00:57 is taken up after tassel in that R two R three period. So you've got to add phosphorus, we call it at brown silk time. It's always a good, good uh, 01:08 recommendation to add fertility in the the fun side pass and don't for it. Get the little things which would be Mike. 01:18 So what I've seen is, look, you know, the guys in our area, um, you know, 01:23 they all do a really great job of trying to Spring Creek their Gordon Nutrients all throughout the season and they do it tremendous job Chris for Bay. 01:30 We have to, we don't have a lot of choice and that's also why Mike areas and some of his story or fertility work so well in our area. That's like the key for us, 01:38 to be honest with you. That's one of our biggest accomplishments is learning how the views fold your attrition because we don't have a lot of choice that we can't get to a you 01:49 our end. We don't really have a lot of choice. So what I'm saying is, is there, there's a couple different things where people do around here. 01:57 So you got Lynn that I don't put my fungicide pay us. And with fertility, soon as the tassel comes out, 99% of every everybody's around here are all about rate it after, 02:09 you know, full tassel. There's a fertility thing there. You know, it's mainly, to be honest with you, it's, you know, it's the Samaria ju you know, 02:17 but they're trying to put some oil on there and they're putting on income, you know, their fungicide and set side and they're, 02:23 a lot of those guys have done, I skipped that Paris because I'm in late season wide drop, you know, or I might run irrigation well, you know, and, and tee some stuff in like that. 02:35 My goal was the first pass that I'm making, it was after Brown s**t and only, well how I thought, right? I micro um, 02:43 of course we ate some PGRs and stuff in there. So Jason, like down there in your North Carolina, 02:49 like is it the same general consensus or is there some other things Ben? Uh, 02:54 Just like rest Of north, honestly, weed. You guys were a little ahead of Everybody. We're not. And like Tommy always tells us with Browns right here, 03:03 we're still at the 40% of the pat of the closet tank come. It is there and we're leaving it. We're leaving it. And so we're always saying, 03:11 you know, we need eat win a year. We're not really giving the plant what it needs at when it needs it, it spoon seed thing. So we're not, we don't have the equivalent. 03:20 And so we have other crops to kind of take the place. Sou says, you know, we'll plant the crop and we will dip it. So tell 03:26 Me, tell me am am I doing wrong? So in that, in that same past after brown silk, I've also put, you know, potassium sate in there, 03:33 but I'm not putting like a huge amount of cape you in there. I might, I'm only putting in a, 03:39 like a gallon at that point and then I'm coming back at like, we're trying to figure that out now. Like in this, this trial here, this, 03:47 this was uh, 2100 GDSs where we're staying right now, that lake pay us that we made. And then over there further we did another one at 2,400. Um, 03:59 but enlist in the second go round, I'm cutting back on the phosphorous load and then I'm adding more ta acetate on the second one. So in the first one that I'm making, 04:10 it's heavy phosphorous, not as much sate. The second one it's heavy potassium acetate and a little less phosphorus. And is that the rating 04:21 And always micro, always micro full shot because so What does micross do in, in this, in this whole deal? Are we talking about balancing the rest of what we're trying to put out? 04:32 What exactly Is that? So micros in specifically the thick of zinc, especially on corn, 04:40 we're all about making starch and zinc is a part of starch. And if you think about why you add potassium acetate at your second pass, 04:49 it's all about moving sugar to the kernel and potassium and pour on or sugar movers to the kernel. 'cause that's how we make weight. 04:59 And what you don't want to have happen is to see a cord kernel, to see it dent. 05:06 That's the worst thing could happen because that means that curle is not filling up. Seems filling up with, 05:12 So you said I messed up. No, this is not dent. You sent me the wrong stuff. Some of it's so in, this is not dent, this is good. 05:22 You can tell when a cor kernel is suffering 'cause it'll have a huge dent in it. Yeah. Right, right. And that's what you don't want. Yeah. 05:31 This is what you want. I don't know if you can see this, but this, this is a green plant from top to bottle, 05:38 but yet brown shops or husks, I depend know where you're at. Yeah. So this's what you're after. Yeah. 05:46 So back to you guys, sir, I think we've learned a ton here today on this late season fertility. Is there anything else that we forgot? Did we forget anything? 05:55 It is a Huss or s**t. It's a husk spoil. We thumb it's a huss today. Let's see. You guys see.

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