It's Fungicide Time in the Great North
11 Jul 231 min 1 sec

It is fungicide time for "Sam of the North." Here is what he is applying to his barley crop.  

00:00 Hello everyone. Here's some of the north. So today's fungicide time in my body and I decided to add some solar product in it. I go with sugar mover, 00:13 which helps nutrients to go through the plants. Then I go with a little bit of excite. I cut the rate the rate in half cuz it's a little bit late, 00:26 but to keep the plants, the Armin imbalance in the plants. And then I add some uh, nitro plus nine, which is ni nitrogen, calcium, 00:36 and magnesium, which will promote photo photos and PIIs in the plant. And I also have a 20 acre test of Iner Bower, 00:46 which is a micro pack, which is supposed to help on the green fill. So the combine will tell the rest. I have a good day everyone.