17 Dec 220 min 39 sec

Chad is off to a good start in Alabama as he looks to claim what he believes to be his rightful place on top of the Wheat Wager standings at season end.

00:00 this Chad Henderson with extreme Ag and here we go again with the wheat wager. So this is some of our wheat here and we really had a good time growing wheat 00:08 last year and putting it out there for y'all, you know to ask questions about and talk about what we've done wrong, you 00:14 know and and try to improve on her wheat and you know, really draws the emphasis to it like that when we start trying to push ourselves on as you know, my dad 00:23 says it probably won't ever make it because I'm gonna push it all the way down but that didn't happen. So we was tickled about that but y'all 00:29 stay tuned and we'll see if we can knock on Matt miles off his pedestal because he had a heck of a Year enjoy because 00:35 it's coming at you again.

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