It's Becoming My Grower Standard Practice
3 May 232 min 25 sec

Chad likes what he sees in his corn stand and here is why he is using Accomplish MAX is becoming part of his grower standard practice.

00:00 Dead Henderson with extreme mag here with Steve. Here we go. We planted some corn here. This corn does 00:06 have accomplished Max on it and it's stripped till so we're sitting here and we're gonna look at the stand. We're 00:12 gonna talk about a few things of the Corn plant. We're gonna talk about a little bit of inferror program and what we try to accomplish with products 00:18 like accomplished Max that we're putting in in the fur to help with a stress to help with a soluble solubleization. Yes, really. 00:27 Try again solubleization save you'll say valuableization. So anyway, that's what 00:33 we're gonna talk about here for a minute. So y'all check this corn out. So this is the stand of corn we got here again. This 00:40 had some fertility in it in the furrow. It also had accomplished Max in it. And maybe a few more products, huh? Y'all 00:49 know me, but we'll talk about you know, the spacing on this corn it done a real good job. This corn was planted somewhere around March 29th to March 00:58 30th in that time frame. And it's growing off well. We had some good heat on it. Got some nice rains on it to get it going. So that always helps a lot. 01:09 What it's doing it's a two-layered technology accomplished Max is concentrated biochemistry metabolites and 01:16 enzymes that we capture during the fermentation process and what the metabolites and enzymes do is 01:22 make our nutrients available in the soil. That's what what's what's making them available. Today. We're capturing those cut stripping 01:28 out water concentrating it and adding a biologically digested. Kelp. Nobody else biologically digest Chad. So the accomplished 01:37 portion of accomplished Max is going to mineralize the nutrients make them implant available. It's going to It's Gonna stimulate that plant to grow more rude hairs to 01:46 take that nutrition up and oh, by the way that biologically digested kelp is going to help that plant deal with 01:52 cold soils cold temperatures and then heat and drought for the next 30 to 45 days. So it's very powerful package. It goes with starter fertilizers. 02:01 But look at this stand you have Chad and it's not all accomplished Max here, but you've got a beautiful stand of corn and it's evenly space. 02:09 Perfect. Well, thank you Steve. That's a great explanation of what we're doing and why we got accomplished Max by the tote on 02:15 the farm. It's It's Quickly becoming you know, our grower standard practice, and that's why thank you.

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