It Will Stay Like This Until May or June
7 May 231 min 6 sec

Chad is working trouble spots on his Alabama acres to make them more "growable."  Here is an example of a spot that he can't get into until May or June each year.  He has a plan.

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson extreme egg and just gonna talk to you just second about where we gonna tile next. This is 00:06 what our ground would look like that we tout and you'll see some out here. That's I'll show you some pictures from this 00:12 tiled and And where's not tiled at and this is some of the ground it's not tiled that we will be tiling next and it's just you know, it'll stay like 00:23 this till May or June according to how dry it is in the spring but we'll be just water saturated and you know, they get give a good example of I know Michael 00:32 has give a good example before about how it's like a sponge, you know, and it's not gonna dry it out like not gonna dry the ground completely out. 00:38 He just gets the excess water out of it and these are the places that we're trying to fix that this time, but you'll see how we got weed on the hill there. We can't go any lower 00:47 with the wheat this corn here last year was planted in shoot like end of May 1st of June, you know, but these 00:54 are some of the spots we're working on. We always like show stuff this before and after but this is some of the before sad so 01:00 stay tuned.

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