It looked Like A Good Place To Get Into This Field
30 Jul 231 min 10 sec

Chad thought he had an opening to get into this field, but...maybe not. What better time to show and explain why he uses theses nozzles on his sprayer than when in a 7 foot hole?

00:00 I was gonna spray this field and I hope I don't get bit by Colin Boxing on the way down in here, but I was gonna spray this field. 00:06 I couldn't find the best place to get in, so I thought this was a good place to get in Bank Law Bank, Ron. But while we're here, you know, and we're stuck and we're waiting on Jackson, 00:15 come get us with a dang tractor. Pull us back outta this thing. I might as well lean up on the boom here and do 00:24 a pin air High Pro nozzle video. So Pin Air high pro nozzle is a nozzle of choice only. When you ain't stuck, you know when you're stuck. We ain't spraying nothing. 00:34 This is the nozzles we use. We use this twin air nozzle. You just screw it right off here. This is the one we use for fungicide 00:43 and this one had, right here is the one we use when we're spraying herbicides. So they do a good job, we get real good coverage, 00:54 but we gotta keep the spray out the mud to get the coverage we need. I'm gonna get out and we going to shot straight across this mud hole right here 01:01 to get that sprayed to plant some grain sorghum. See y'all.

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