Simplified Seed treatment in a Bucket
25 May 241m 15s

Meristem sent Kelly this bucket last year to trial on his farm. It is now GSP for him, but while the ability to easily apply talc, PGRs, micronutrients, and biologicals in the furrow is cool, it is the bucket that Kelly really intrigues him. Here is why.

00:00 Standing in on a Friday morning, the sun is finally shining. Not a cloud in the sky. 00:04 Maybe it'll dry out and we can go back to the field. Been very blessed that the rain we got last week. It sure is a change from the last couple years. 00:11 Excited for the crop that's coming, standing here. The newer product for us, hopper throttle and corn. You know, we use it last year. 00:16 We're using it again this year. I'm really excited about the delivery system. I think it's something that, uh, 00:21 a lot of growers should look at. And the reason why is because of the delivery system. The plastic bucket I told Peter from at Commodity Classic. 00:29 I wouldn't even say you're a fertility company anymore. I'd say you're a plastic bucket company now. And that's something to be proud of 00:33 because a lot of times in life, the delivery system or the logistics of what we're trying to accomplish is the hangup. 00:39 This bucket takes the work out of it. Only about 10 or 15% of planters across the US have an inferral system, 00:45 especially here in Iowa where I live. Like I say, it's easy to farm here relative to the rest of the world, and this bucket makes it easier. 00:51 You hit the plungers, you put the talc on the seed, you treated four or 50 units of seed, and away you go. Do you wanna put a PGR Inferral? The bucket will do it. 00:59 Do you wanna put micronutrients, infertile? The bucket will do it. Do you wanna put biology? Inferral the bucket will do it. 01:04 Maim is a bucket company and it's something to be proud of and it's something that helps every farmer make their job 01:08 easier.

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