It Has Not Left Us Stranded Yet
6 Aug 230 min 54 sec

He explains the key feature that makes the Pentair Hypro Pump Kelly's Go-To Choice for mixing acidic formulations.  


00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett. We're here today by the Tender truck. We put together this spring before we started planting. 00:06 With all the trials we do for Extreme Ag and all the different foliar apps, we needed a stainless steel tender truck with a reliable pump. 00:14 The folks at High Pro helped us out with this. It's a two inch poly pump. It's got stainless steel inserts inside, which really helps with the durability, 00:22 with the acidic formulations that we're making. The pump starts on the first pole every time the motors reliable. 00:33 The guys at High High Pro sent this out, said we'd be happy with it, and they were right. It's done everything we wanted it to do. 00:39 I can't tell you how many trials and foliar we've done, and, uh, this is, this hasn't left us stranded yet. Sometimes, 00:45 sometimes these gas motors can be frustrating, but we're really happy with what we've got here.

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