Is This Temple's Next Tractor?
18 Nov 231 min 27 sec

Temple Rhodes starts putting this


 942 tractor to the test during fall tillage. He shares his initial thoughts.

00:00 Temple roads from extreme Ag. Look what we got today. We getting a demo of f Uh, there's a 420 horsepower tractor. Um, we're used to the eight Rs, um, from John Deere. 00:13 Uh, this thing's got a lot of options, lot, a lot of options on it. It's a tremendous tractor. Um, got a lot of horsepower. 00:22 We're doing a little bit of fall tillage out here. Um, trying to straighten up some gram. I can't believe all the functions that this thing has. 00:30 It's pretty incredible. Takes a few minutes to to learn how to, to run it all. But, um, as, as far as I'm concerned, 00:37 I'm pretty excited about this. Uh, I've gotten an opportunity to drive it for a little while this morning, doing some tillage work, 00:44 some fall tillage work. Uh, all my boys got trained on it yesterday and they, they ran it yesterday. 00:50 They seem to be pretty excited about it. Of course, they all, first thing they think is, oh yeah, there's a new tractor. 00:56 Let's go buy a new one. Well, I don't necessarily know that I want to go buy a new one or not, 01:00 but man, I'm gonna tell you one thing. This thing is awesome. I really like it a lot. So if you got a good dealership in your area, 01:09 don't be afraid to try one of these things. It's pretty incredible. I don't know what it doesn't do, but I know it does a lot 01:17 and there's a ton of functions in here. So see you soon, guys. Be safe this fall.

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