Is There a Difference Yet?
30 Dec 221 min 12 sec

Chad is back in his wheat field to take a look at the progress of his seed treatment trial. He looks at the wheat treated with


 Fulltec Plus Seed™ versus the untreated. Is there a difference yet?

00:00 Good morning. Y'all is Chad Henderson with extreme egg and we're out here gonna do a field report on this spray 00:06 Tech wheat, it's kind of only thing we got going right now that you can see and we're about three months in on on 00:12 from when we planted from plant date and we just want to see what it looked like now, you know, we did a seed treatment on it. And when first come up, you know, 00:21 it was a little bit behind we showed y'all that and then we dug some Roots we showed y'all that so let's take a look at what we find now, 00:27 so I was walking up there's the row flag right there and Rose on the left. It's spray Tech what's on the right? It's not. 00:36 Untreated and you can't tell a whole lot but it does like it has more Vigor on the left from what it does on the right as you 00:45 can see and maybe a little more plant growth. But again, we'll take a deal and see what we got 00:51 treated that side. Untreated that side about six more months, you know where it's December. We're about a third of 01:00 the way through this. So we'll Harvest this week, you know the first of June so we'll keep you all posted on 01:06 what it looks like.

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