Is He Too Confident In His In-Furrow Program?
9 Jun 232 min 26 sec

Temple Rhodes has spent a lot of years getting his in-furrow corn program dialed in to the point where he is pretty confident in the mix he has put together over the years. He compares samples from the

Concept Agritek

 Lab he is conducting to samples from his grower standard program.  Does he see a difference?

00:00 So a minute ago we did a root dig on some soybeans. Um, this was planted the same day again, it was 21 days ago. We're actually standing in a lab. 00:09 This is my grower standard practice on this side. And then on this side, this is a concept, a agritech plot, uh, lab for say it's a 40 acre block. 00:18 This is my infer program on this side. Remember I talked to you about actually checking your infer program. Good way to check your infer program is do a root D to see what's developing 00:27 there because it's not always about what's on top to ground. You know, just because of corn plants on top to ground, it looks healthier. 00:33 It doesn't mean everything. Um, I'm looking more at this time of year, I wanna see what my roots are doing because if I'm developing a factory 00:42 underground, that's what I want to do. I'm not as concerned about what's on top to ground because it'll show those effects all throughout the season. But if I grow a really good root system, 00:52 I'm not gonna go through some stress and some other problems later on down the road. Phosphorus, uptake, all those things. 00:59 I can mitigate a lot of those things by making a great infer a program. So we're gonna do a root dig real quick and I'm gonna compare the concept plot 01:08 with my grower standard practice. Um, I hope the concept plot's better, but in some senses I kind of hope I kick their butt. But we'll see. 01:15 We're gonna see. So I'm gonna do this dig real quick. So we'll lay this one up here on the side. So I'm in the one that's in my hand right now, is my program, 01:40 the one that's over here on the other side? This is concept architect. Damn it. So by the looks of these roots, 01:51 looks like they got it figured out. Maybe a little bit better than what I've got it figured out. So anyway, that's what we got. 01:57 This is what lets us know that we have a good program established. I mean, I don't think I'm too shabby, but I'm definitely not as good. 02:05 Plant size actually is bigger on their side as well. Um, this is why we do the labs guys. 02:13 And this my friend might end up being my new grower standard practice, but we'll see more to come see you guys soon.

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