Ditch The Paper Bag! In-Field Tissue Sampling Technology
7 Jun 247m 27s

Forget the paper bag! Chad and Temple grab some new technology and head to the field to get some instant leaf sample readings in the Holganix trial plot.

00:00 If he pulls any more than my damn corn, I'm gonna choke him out right here. Marilyn, you are not getting temple back. Okay. 00:06 I don't know what this guy is. This guy's got all kind of high tech stuff. I think his granddaddy was a ghostbuster 00:13 and then this guy over here is more my kind of guy. He got a shovel and a stick. He's got a probe and a shovel. So, but these are the team with Wholeganics 00:21 and we're gonna look at some roots. We're going to dig some plants. So let's go out here and let's see what's going on. 00:26 So essentially it's just a, uh, in the field tissue test, you can pull any leave off of it. 00:31 This one right here looks good. Shows you a picture of the, uh, the leaf in it. Make sure it's a good leaf sample. 00:39 It's not folded up or anything. And it's gonna shoot it up to the cloud and we'll be able to view that on power BI 00:43 and it'll tell you your infilled tissue sample. So let me get this straight. You're gonna pull a tissue sample. 00:47 Don't turn my leaves up. So let me get this straight. You pulled an infilled tissue sample right here? Yes. So how in theory, if I sent this leaf off, how close 00:58 to the tissue sample when I send off is that thing? Um, I, I would say it's, it's roughly 95% Accurate. Okay. So when they send 01:05 them off, ain't it about like 40% tolerance of uh, not right. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:13 I'm just asking, you know, like for the most part a lot of tissue samples, you know, when we give 'em a hard time the tissue sample, people don't write me, 01:18 gimme no death threats or nothing like that, you know, but I'm just saying, you know, a lot of times that, you know, accuracy is within whatever 01:24 normal is within whatever. So how many people send really good plants in? Really about half of 'em. 01:29 Because every time somebody sends a tissue sample in, it's usually something wrong with it, right? Mm-Hmm. So then tell me, is that normal or is that like 01:38 Beautiful? Uh, pretty good. I, I'd say it looks really good. Okay. Alright. We Gonna see one thing you're 01:44 alleviating here is the mail. Mm-Hmm. Yeah. You know 'cause you never know how long your sample sits where? Yep. In a hot truck, in a whatever. 01:52 Yeah. Tommy, you chime in here. Do you think it's accurate? Well it's Half, so half of the bazillion 02:00 people that send in samples accuracy is only about half of it. So if yours is 40% of the half, 02:07 is it plus plus 40 or minus 40? If it's minus 40 then it's only about 10%. I Guarantee you this would, I bet, 02:15 I bet this would be plus 40 of that. Mm-Hmm. Because we're testing good leaves, right? Straight off the plant don't have full any leaves or 02:21 Anything. Don't have 20 leaves. Like I said, it takes off the fact of this may be three days 02:24 especially you can't send one on a Friday. Mm-Hmm. Because then it's going to be five days. Essentially It's sending light through the leaf 02:29 and it's using the light reflecting off the different elements in the leaf to run your sample. And they run it off a specific algorithm 02:35 and every time you run a sample it gets more accurate. So what we just did is we pulled this tissue sample. This is gonna be a nifty deal. 02:42 Like I'm digging this already. I mean I like the way Brett does it and the way he explained it, you know. 02:46 Um, so we just pulled this sample in the Holganix trial and regardless really of what this sample is, 'cause a number's a number, right? 02:55 So we're gonna go to the NUN trial and we'll pull the same sample because then we'll get, regardless of the numbers 03:00 or how it is, it'll be the same sample, same machine, same time cuts all the mail order stuff out, cuts all the weight and getting, so this uh, hefty, 03:09 nifty leaf tissue thing might be our new best friend. So let's go pull another sample. Absolutely. Okay. So we will, we come in on a split rose right on on 03:17 where the rows meet for different treatments. We went six rows in to make sure we got outta the compaction of the outside tire. 03:24 So we went six rows in. So we moved over a dozen rows, which would be six rows into the other treatment, which in theory should be the exact same row unit, right? 03:34 Yep. Getting the same amount of let's say in furrow or whatever. So that's what we want to do. 03:39 We want to get it as as consistent as possible. And we're gonna pick one of these leaves off. I gotta like that leaf. 03:44 Leaf looks good right there. So now we're gonna do the uh, crystal labs probe, which essentially is a uh, 03:52 in the field soil sampling unit unit. We're gonna punches a hole right here. Safe. So I'm Temple, everybody knows me 04:08 and I'm gonna go root through all of your crap. I'm gonna find the bad spots and I found this all across Chad's field. 04:15 Each one tried to hide it and take us to the best spot. And I done found this and I wanna know what it is. So I've asked a couple other people 04:21 and we don't know what it is, but it's kind of one of them things ca that I thought, you know, you got this new technology, you got this new tool. 04:28 Is there a potential that we can figure out? This could be a varietal thing, it could be multiple things, but it'd be interesting to see in 04:35 that if it's gonna pick this up and tell us that there might be a problem with it, right? Well let's try. Alright, 04:44 You want it flat? I found bug damage. Look at Chad. So now we're back over here in the organic and we're essentially gonna be doing the same thing 04:59 with the Crystal Labs probe. I found a double found a double. You want me to kick it outta here? 05:09 Chris left Double Found one. What's he got? One them. I got em. If he pulls more I come. You 05:21 Put one of 'em back. If he Pulls any more than my damn corn, I'm gonna choke him out right here. 05:26 Marilyn, you are not getting temple back. So we, we did the crystal labs essentially an infield soil Maleic three, you don't have to send off any dirt. 05:36 We can get you done right here. And I'd say about 30 seconds. So like most farms, we don't have 05:41 just great service out here. So we're gonna have to wait and go back to the shop, get us some service on a phone, 05:45 wait for it to shoot to the cloud and then we'll be able to view our results right there. And in the meantime, we're about to go dig us some roots. 05:52 Ask my buddy Evan. Oh yeah, That's my cicada hat. Well I can, okay, so we got the numbers back and as of this sample, which Brett, 06:02 you'll probably hear two, three more times. Oh absolutely. You know, as of this sample it will be what we'd call statistically about, I can't say that word 06:09 but statistically the same. So see, you know what I mean? But we had a, it was a good sample pull, 06:16 but you know, remember what the sample is. The sample is this snapshot today. Okay? We don't take these numbers and run the bank 06:22 and say oh we gonna have this much corn crop, you know? Mm-Hmm. So it's this number today. We had to get this number to get to the next number. 06:27 So we'll pull these and then we'll pull the next, but I mean it was, it was pretty good numbers. We was somewhere around four, three 06:32 or a little better on the end. We was uh, on the p we was 0.6 to 0.7 mm-Hmm. On the uh, K we was 2.7, 2.75, 06:43 something like that, you know, is where we was at. So I mean it was a pretty good pull. The zinc was in good shape. Point six. Well the one 06:49 Thing that was better is the zinc. Was the zinc was a right. Good bit better than the other pool. Yep. So I mean 06:55 The zinc was 0.47 and in the whole gang it was 0.72. That's what I'm saying was so the zinc is the only one that jumped out. 07:02 Yeah. But, and again, what really matters is not what the tissue sample says, it's what we put in the green tank. 07:08 Yep. And that's what we looking for. So we'll take this all the way to the end. Like I said, Brent will be back. 07:13 We'll be making some more pulls on it. We'll be documenting that. But all in all, we going 07:18 to document what goes in the green tank. Yes sir. Alright, thank y'all.

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