Inside The #SENDIT House
18 Dec 231 min 52 sec

Join Chad Henderson from XtremeAg as he takes us inside the seed room, chemical shed, or 'send it' house of his farm. Chad introduces several new products they're trialing next season and the talks about the products they have already had success with this season.


00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and we're hanging out in the seed room, chemical shed, seed room, send it, house, 00:07 whichever one you want to call it. But that's where I'm at right now. So we're sitting here 00:12 and we're talking about a few products that's from Maim. This is another product and another tool. 00:16 You hear me talk about the put in a toolbox, you know, so we have this K Ace right here, plus B. Um, we're new to that for us for on our farm. 00:25 We're testing it this year. It's a low use rate and we've um, we've got some good things out of it. It's a potassium product. 00:33 So we're going to be, you'll hear me more talking to this year on We Wheat and on, uh, corn ahead. You'll hear me talking more about this. So get ready for it. 00:41 It's coming. Now. The other couple products that we're proud of that we've got some good response out 00:46 of is this rev line late season and this convoy charge. So rev line, late season convoy charge, both go in, we put 'em in with fungicides 00:54 and we're seeing, you know, we had several farmers around here using them and we've seen some good benefits out of 'em, you know. 01:00 And then don't forget our seed treatment. Our seed treatment that we was testing as well. So we'll have some data come in on the seed treatment, 01:06 but the seed treatment with a biology in it, it's going to be good, especially when we're trying to fill in a spot where a man don't have a in furrow system. 01:14 Then this is going to be something that we can, uh, put products in, in with a seed and get a good response out of it. 01:22 And the capsules keep everything where they're assured that they're alive, you know, so it's, it's gonna be a good, a good product. 01:27 Also, you need to see where it would fit in your program. You need to see what you could do to get 'em on your farm 01:32 to do some testing, whate what have you know, because there look like there're gonna be something that's gonna be a standard on our farm. 01:38 We used, uh, we used to moan every acre of soybeans on double crop soybeans late and a whole bunch of wheat. 01:44 And then on uh, all the fun corn that we fungicide, we used them as well.

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