25 Aug 221 min 30 sec

Ok, maybe it is not a big secret, but it is the location where Chad tests some of his scientific and not so scientific theories over the years. Working with the local extension agency, Chad has learned more than any school could ever teach him in this field. 

00:00 Hey y'all, this Chad Henderson extreme Ag and today's plot day. So we do these plots with extension Mr. Eddie 00:06 McGriff comes out. We've been me and him been doing this for a long time. These plots right here is where you're where I 00:12 learned a lot about boron learned a lot about sulfur I've learned a lot about, you know, just minor nutrients 00:18 in back and also about chicken litter regular fertilizer. Just this taught me a lot. We've been doing this for a long time. So let me give you all example of 00:27 what we do here. So we're out here in the cornfield. And we've got this year. We just have five trials. So it's replicated three times. 00:36 So this is on just one of our dry land feels no fertility. Then we put the fertility down and we pull like I said, it's replicated three times. 00:45 We pull the middle two rows. Four row treatments and pull the middle two rows put them in totes and then we 00:53 take them and shell them and weigh them and then that's how we come up with all these things. There's been test here copious amounts of boron zinc. 01:04 Fertility and you know other things that we've done in these trials, so this is a lot of one of our things if y'all 01:13 have extension and you know, you already go to them and ask them about some of this trial work. Yes extensive. It's a 01:20 It said yeah, it's kind of Labor some sometimes but it's a lot of knowledge comes out of this.

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