Inside Kelly's Terramar Trial

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6 Dec 231 min 21 secPremium Content

In this member video, Kelly delivers the results from a trial he conducted this season with Loveland Products' Terramar product.

Hi, this is Kelly Garrett with XT Extreme Ag here, looking at yet another trial. This is a TERRAMAR trial. Terramar is a stress mitigation product from Loveland. This trial amuses me because I don't wanna do it because I just wanna use Terramar on every acre. It's really a grower standard practice for us, but we need to run the trial just to double check it. And I, uh, I feel like it's a waste of yield in some spots because I don't want to have the acres without, you can apply terramar a few times throughout the season. We'll apply it at post chem, we'll apply it at fungicide time, things like that. This trial was applied at fungicide time, and it's three bushel. We replicated it three times, three bushel, three bushel, three bushel every time without fail. That's how important stress mitigation is to us. This is also a very sustainable product to me because we're not using fertility to get this gain. We're using a stress mitigation product. It's derived from seaweed. I can't say enough good things about this. I've, uh, I've been working with this product for three years. Uh, 21 was the first trial we had with this 21, 22. Now, 23. Um, it is a $30 net return. We're figuring $12 50 cents soybeans. The cost of the product is $7 an acre, and like I said, it's a three bushel returned and, uh, this is money in the bank.

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