Insect Control in Peanuts
26 Aug 232 min 26 sec

Caleb talks about a new insecticide he is trialing on his field this season from FMC.

00:00 Talking today, a little bit about Insta control, you know, in peanuts, as we mentioned, we like to focus on disease control, 00:06 but while we're out scouting, we're also looking for pest, uh, foliage, feeders, anything that could also rob us of yield. So some of the pests that we look for, 00:15 maybe ones that are more sporadic and can be in different areas like luster corn, salt pours, and then, 00:22 and then some of our foliage feeders in season that we're trying to target. One of the products that F M C has that we use is vancor. So, uh, 00:30 talk to us a little bit about that product and, and some of the insects that we're really targeting. And while we might want to choose that, uh, 00:39 maybe even over other insecticides, Right? Sure. Caleb. So Vancor is the active axpe. Uh, many people might be familiar with it as it's labeled in several other crops, 00:49 um, commonly used in cotton and several other things. But the key thing with vancor is you get a very long residual on your, um, insect kill, and also it's gonna be very soft on your beneficial pest. 01:02 So we wanna maintain those beneficial insects that help us control insects as well. In Georgia and peanut, 01:08 it's particularly been very useful for lesser corn salt bore, and you mentioned that is a sporadic pest. It may not be a problem every year, 01:15 but it's one that can really affect yields if you don't control it and you gotta get on the ground and dig, looking for the pest. It's cryptic. 01:23 It's not something that we're gonna drive by the highway at 55 mile an hour and roll the window down and see it out in the field. 01:29 No, that's right. And we, and since we are so warm in South Georgia, we can have multiple generations of that pest. 01:35 So really important to have something out there that's gonna last a few weeks. So Vancor is an excellent choice on lessers. And then additionally, 01:41 like you were talking about, when we are scout scouting for diseases, um, we'll slap the vines and look for foliage, feeding insects. 01:48 And so Vancor is an excellent choice on those. It'll stop their feeding very quickly, and again, last really long. So some of our harder to kill pests, it works really well on. 01:58 So it's been an excellent tool for peanut growers. Right. And I, and I like what you mentioned there about being safe for beneficials because in 02:06 a dry land scenario where we know that we don't want to go out there with a product that may flare pests like spider Motts, 02:12 it can be a big deal to go out here with some collective insecticides. So appreciate you joining us out here in the peanut field. 02:18 Talk a little bit about insecticides. Y'all stay tuned.