Increasing Uptake in the 4th Quarter
12 Sep 220 min 54 sec

Chad is applying his last foliar on his AgXplore soybean trial plot in order to increase nutrient uptake in the 4th quarter.

00:00 Hey y'all, it's Chad here with extreme AG older day. Number two. So we're first round of double crop soybean folders who's already 00:08 passed you've seen some videos on that. So this is round number two. This are fungicide round. So we've done spriter fungicide. 00:14 We're gonna add these into each so our plots and this is what we got from the folks at AG Explorer we got octane. 00:22 Four pack neutral Kay and intense intensity. So we also have in here onward Max because it didn't have a joke of sorry in the shed. So we 00:31 put these in this is our second second again or second application. And so we'll see how these come out. 00:39 And let you know we have a check. We have a vegetative pass and then we have this width of vegetative pass. 00:45 So we have some good information coming y'all's way. Y'all keep touching the folks maggots Explorer. Thank you.

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