Increasing the number of nodes and fruiting sites on soybeans
3 Jul 241m 52s

Temple Rhodes talks about how he aims to increase the number of nodes and fruiting sites on his soybean crop through a lab trial.

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00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple from Extreme Ag. So this year my lab expectations are a little bit different. So I had a quite a few conversations with Bur 00:08 and the guys from Concept Agritech. And this is a lab that I wanted to do. The new product is a Meer grow. 00:14 Now, what a Meer grow does is it's supposed to help promote branching. So in high yield and soybeans, we're trying to promote 00:22 as many nodes on the plant, as much branching as possible. Last year there was some studies done 00:28 and we're thinking that the amino grow is making 20 to 30% more branching, more fruiting sites, more fruiting sites equal more seed. 00:37 So that's what we're trying to promote now. I mean, and right now we haven't sprayed this yet. We're going to be spraying 'em this week. 00:43 I mean, right now we're at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. We got seven nodes on these plants right now. So we're gonna be applying meaner grow, 00:52 and we're gonna try to start, make these plants start branched down a little bit more. At this point, we're gonna try to add more fruiting sites. 00:58 One of the things that we saw last year with the product is that it promoted all these things 01:03 and the benefit to yield was better, but we're trying to get that to the next level. You know, we talk about a lot of the things in extreme ag. 01:10 When you promote something, you gotta be able to facilitate the rest. So we're creating a reaction. 01:17 We need to finish facilitating it. So we think with some foliar feeds and some different micronutrients 01:24 and some different things that we're doing here, we can apply one and then maybe come back with another and try to basically push we're, 01:31 we're pushing all those fruit insights, we're pushing all the branching. So our next step is to push that into the next level 01:37 of actually making it produce more seeds. So we're really excited about this, having the opportunity to do this lab for, um, concept agritech this year. 01:45 I can't wait to share with you guys what's coming.

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