What's New and What Does It Do? Stink Bug Control
9 Apr 245m 41s

From the floor of the 2024 Commodity Classic, Matt Miles and Damian Mason learn about Elevest, a new product from FMC that aims to take care of Matt's stink bug problem this season.

00:00 Asking the question, what's new and what does it do from the floor of Commodity Classic 2024. 00:04 I'm in the FMC booth of Camille Lambert. She's got a weed science degree from Mississippi State University. 00:10 She also actively involves herself in the farming operation with her husband and family in Kentucky. 00:14 This woman has credibility. She's been on with me before. And we also got our friend Matt Miles, the Delta region 00:20 of Arkansas Farmer. So here's the thing, you got a product and I'm looking up in the wall. It's called Ellevest. It's an insecticide. 00:26 It's new to the market. Why do I need this? More importantly, why does Matt need it? How's he gonna use it? 00:31 So Ellevest insecticide is an awesome choice. When we talk about stink bugs, you guys have quite a bit of stink bug pressure, don't you? Oh 00:37 Yeah. Number one disease. Yeah. Or number one pass. So when we look at the insects in the marketplace, biphentin always pulls to the top 00:45 whenever we talk about stink bugs because of the way it works and the way it kills and kills effectively. 00:49 And so when you compare biron to other actives in the marketplace, biron is always that top choice. 00:55 So what we've done is we've paired a good rate of beron with a mite, which tends to give us really long residual. So when we talk about red banded stink bugs, 01:03 or even brown marm rated stink bugs, we're getting eff great efficacy with that product. Okay? It's a new product. 01:10 You're always looking for something. Do you have, let's just go ahead and ask the question, are they answering a problem? 01:15 You have? Yeah. You got the bugs, but you also have product. You're treating them. Do you need a new insecticide? 01:20 Well, the residual part is, is a big deal. So normally we'll spray at at least one time for stink bugs. Yep. Uh, and 01:28 that was a question asked before we started video. And how does it do on red bands? Red bands kind of a unique different stink bug 01:34 that comes in occasionally Uhhuh and it's, it's purity. The worst insect you can get. Alright. You know, normally what? Just hard 01:41 to get rid of fin by itself. Will we give you five, seven days on a, on red band? Maybe. Yeah. Fab. Yeah. Probably seven days. 01:47 That's what we're looking at. It go that Crazy. This type of insect isn't a problem every year, 01:51 but when it's a problem, it has staying power. Is that the problem? It's hard to get rid of. It will absolutely wreck your ROI on soybeans. 01:58 So you can be rocking along there having a great crop. Yeah. With a good ROI red bands can come in 02:03 and you, we, we may spray three times for them with more, more chemicals. Yeah. Yeah. A stronger rates to try to keep 'em outta there. 02:10 So right. To the person like me that's not, uh, got experienced farming in the delta of Arkansas. Is he saying red man? Like the chewing tobacco or red band? 02:17 Like red band, like the band that plays the song. Yeah, I really hear Green Man. I really have a red band across 02:22 their back. Yeah, you have greens, browns, and red bands. Okay, got it. So here's the thing about insecticide. 02:26 Yours brings a little bit of residual. That's a big deal. Absolutely. He's, he's going across his fields a lot 02:31 and he is got a hundred degree temperatures. I mean, there's a lot to deal with. Mm-Hmm. So is residual the biggest? 02:36 If I said, why do I like Ellevest? Why do you like Ellevest better than what's on the market? Is the residual the reason? 02:42 No. So actually pairing that residual with the biphentin. So with Biphentin, we get excellent control, 02:48 especially when we compare that to Lambda, which is the other common, common compound to control stinkbugs. 02:53 So when you compare those two, we pull to the top and then you pair that with the residual that we get from Vir. 02:59 It's a win. Um, very good. So we talked about this on soybeans. He farms cotton. He's the only extreme ag guy that does cotton. 03:06 And I've man loves cotton and, and, and she doesn't like cotton, even though she was educated in the, educated in the deep south. 03:11 She, uh, she, she already said that. Oh, I've never forgotten that. Matt told me Damien Cotton is a pro, a plant that, 03:19 as the dad said, looks for a reason to die every day. Well, insects don't necessarily kill cotton, they just degrade value or degrade. 03:25 Right. You take everything off of It. Yeah. So what's happening with the stink bugs, 03:27 they've got a piercing sucking mouth part. So they pierce into the bowl or into the pod on soybeans and they literally suck the weight out 03:35 of the pot or the bowl. So It's not, it's not even just that they harm the chlorophyll or the leaf or any of that. They take it, they actually take the, take the actual 03:43 Yes, they absolutely take the cotton bowl or the bean pod. They st And the Boy peppers, they sting a bean pod. It's gone. 03:49 Okay. How are we talking about how much are we gonna use this product, um, Ellevest, how much are we gonna use it in his fields on cotton? 03:57 Are we gonna put it out there three times per season? More probably on cotton, if we're going after plant bugs. So with stink bugs on soybeans one time, 04:04 unless we have red bands, they come back in. If, if this product works like we think it will, then we may only be one other time, one additional time. 04:11 Cotton, cotton in my area is gonna be five to seven times a year. I mean, there's no, no way around it. 04:16 But that with the residual, you know, we may be looking at, At, so that's where I was going with this, 04:22 is the benefit is the pitch that you're gonna make. To me, if I'm a decision maker, the business manager for his farm, you're gonna say, Damien, 04:28 the one reason you want to use this is I'm gonna save you two applications. So it's gonna make you money 04:33 Potentially every year's different. Yeah. So I never like to hang my hat on anything, but my FINRA is just the superior stink 04:40 bug material. All right. So, So does Ellevest have a place in outside of the south? Do I need this, if I'm in Iowa, do I need this? 04:46 If I'm in Ohio, do I need Ellevest there? So really where we've been placing it, I'm kind of on the border, uh, 04:52 living in Kentucky, covering Tennessee. So we'll use Ellevest in, in the Tennessee area, 6.8 ounces, the lower use rate. 05:00 But really, unless we have pod worms or something like that. Okay. Further north hero's probably the go-to choice. 05:05 Got it. So when we start getting into cooler climates, little less bug pressure. We don't need it. So this is 05:10 the heavyweight? Is the heavyweight, This is the premium product. This Is the, this is the, I'm gonna smack you in the face. 05:14 That's right. Kind of a product. Yep. Got it. Her name's Camille Lambert. He's Matt Miles, she's with FMC. That's whose booth I'm standing in here at 05:22 Commodity class of 2024. And we've been asking the question, what's new and what does it do? 05:27 Thanks for tuning in all kinds of great episodes in this series. Go check 'em out. If you missed this event 05:32 and you wanna know, Hey man, what's happening for 2024? I'm David Mason, thank you for being here. I.

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