Maximizing Yields: In-Furrow Fertilizer Benefits on Low CEC Soils
6 May 241m 22s

Matt Miles demonstrates the significant return on investment (ROI) that in-furrow fertilizer programs can achieve when applied during planting in lower Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) soils.

00:00 So we're in our field day plot. Our field day is June 27th, by the way. So I hope some of y'all are able to make it. 00:05 You know, I told the guys when they wanted me to do a field day, I said, man, I won't have 12 people there, 00:08 so I at least gotta have 15 people come. So you got to come to my field day riding across here, do shooting some videos for some different partners. 00:15 Something that I found I thought was pretty cool to the public. I'm standing in the lowest CEC in this field right now. 00:21 And if you look, the corns looks pretty crappy. Now. This is a local grower standard practice. So all this corn right here has on it is nitrogen and seed. 00:29 But the cool thing I'm fixing to show you, and we're gonna walk down here, you can look at the soil type here, and it's real sandy. 00:34 This looks like crop. Now let's go down here and look where the soil changes. So we're in the same row and we're taking the same video. 00:40 And you can see as the soil starts getting a little more heavy, a little more mixed. 00:44 This corn's taller. This corn looks pretty. This corn is right beside a partner's plot that looks better all the way through. 00:50 But this is the reason why we run the infra when we have low CCCs. This is a perfect example. 00:55 If we have more of a higher CEC Midwestern soil, you can see behind me this corn really perks up. 01:00 We're about a hundred yards out in the field off the off of the upper end. And this corn's looking more similar 01:06 to the natures plot than it did back up in the low CEC. So if this don't show you anything, it shows you that when you've got low CC soils, 01:15 that infra products definitely pay the bills.

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