23 Sep 223 min 6 sec

This Spring, Lee Lubbers had the opportunity to


 the Fendt Momentum Planter on his South Dakota farm. He was most interested in how it would perform in the pinch row, an area that is typically a low yielding spot due to compaction caused by the tires on his JD 1775. Lee compares pinch row progress in this side by side trial. 

00:00 Here Buddy Lee lubbers extreme egg today. I'm going to do some root digs in compare for Pinch row syndrome while we 00:09 ran the fence momentum versus our deer planter and check the differences in down pressure systems 00:16 and versus the momentum system focusing more on tire inflation versus deer system of hydraulics and 00:26 pushing out across the bar. So I'm gonna dig on each side where the tractors of Ryan ground getting pretty hard. 00:35 We had a rain right at a month ago just had about 80 hundreds. Then nothing since sounds like no more rain for probably two more weeks maybe a 00:44 shower on Friday that said we could get 20 hundreds. So pretty dry year ground is hard. What I'm doing on each one is making two 00:53 plants side by side. And the real proof will be at Harvest Time. When we combine and weigh it all out. 01:06 Here. I've got my chunk with the beer. And I'll go grab the chunk with the fence. on the Deer Side 01:16 we can tell not running our starter blending Furrow probably cost us at least 10 Bush one acre. We were not able to run that this year. 01:25 the fan deers very impressive grabbing the girth. I'll snap them. Here in a minute that it almost feels like a girth 01:34 of your ear here. I went shook off dirt. And split an ear on each one and that account. 01:45 You know, we have the Fenton momentum. Good root mass get good tap. What's going down? Here's the deer system. 01:55 Maybe a few less what's going down? This part I thought was interesting. Or 16 round on the deer. 02:06 When I grab the ears. In the vent rows they felt girthier. 18 02:13 that theme holds true That'll be pretty amazing. So. Like and what I'm seeing today, so that's Deer Side. 16 02:30 fence side 18 I don't know right now. I'm kind of glad that Arthur brought the planner out. 02:38 Really appreciate it. That's how you see cool stuff like this. Stay tuned everybody. We'll take it to harvest and 02:46 weigh it out. we have an entire 305 Acres split so over different soil types and topography so it'll be fun. 02:57 I'm laylaubers. Let's do it.

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