Working on Enhancing Base Saturation Levels
29 Apr 242m 35s

This trial, conducted in multiple replications, focuses on improving the effectiveness of base saturation areas, essential for yield improvement. In Kelly's previous trials with Raytheon demonstrated substantial returns, including a significant yield increase in soybeans during a dry year.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly Garrett from Extreme Ag. We're out here today putting in our concept Agritech lab, which consists of Raytheon. 00:06 I'm making the video and the pickup here 'cause it's so windy outside. I was out there videoing Corey Rice. 00:11 It always amuses me when I'm watching and the tractor goes down around the hill and just disappears. 00:15 That doesn't happen at Chad Henderson and Matt Miles place. The tractor never disappears. 00:19 You can see for a hundred, a hundred miles. Uh, my dad used to say that if we could see more than 25 acres 00:25 of a farm from one spot, we couldn't afford it. It was too flat. And as you can see, it's uh, it's hard to see all the acres when we're standing up here. 00:31 But this Raytheon trial is something I'm very excited about. We had a similar trial of Raytheon last year 00:36 and we had a very big ROI on it. So we are working with Trey and Bert this year and we're replicating it. 00:42 We are specifically putting it on this farm specifically in this area 'cause the Raytheon is advertised 00:48 to help make the nutrients more available. And how it does that is helping in a tough base saturation area. 00:53 In these hills right here, we're where Cory's plant going up and down here and disappearing. 00:58 It's about 85% calcium. And even all the work I do with my plant food product, all the work we do with the sulfur 01:04 that's in the plant food product, we still have a product in our Grower standard practice that helps with the base saturation areas. 01:10 I've seen in corn a 30 bushel yield gain with a product like this in furrow. So we're gonna see if the Raytheon will do it. 01:16 This is soybeans. Last year I think we had a 12 bushel yield gain in a very dry year. 01:20 So it was a huge result. Tre was very excited. And so, like I said, we purposely are putting this trial here. 01:26 We have the grower standard practice on this farm. This field is about 270 acres. There's about 230 acres of our grower standard practice 01:33 for the 40 acre lab. We took out the product that we typically use and we added in the Raytheon. 01:38 And as you can see with the terrace is, and the way we go around the contour, we'll get down to some short rows and some little areas. 01:43 It's obviously not straight back and forth. And we've got the trial product, the Raytheon in furrow in a lot of side-by-sides here. 01:50 It'll be, this trial will be replicated about six times because we planted most of the grower standard practice. We get, we're getting down here to the end. 01:56 We waited, we put in the, the load with the Raytheon in it. So we're gonna have some tremendous data here 02:00 and we'll see if we can replicate the same result as last year. I'm very excited about this 02:05 because anything I can do to help with my base saturation is a big yield positive for us. It's our number one yield deficiency is the 02:11 soil being out of balance. So I spend a lot of time trying to balance the soil, trying to look at the base saturation. 02:17 And if a product like Raytheon can increase our yields, it'll certainly be something that I will, uh, add to the mix into my grower standard practice. 02:24 This is what Extreme Mag is all about, is doing these sorts of trials and trying to make the ROI on the farm better.

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