Improving Soybean Yields: Results from a Trial in Challenging Conditions

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28 Nov 231 min 44 secPremium Content

In this member video, Kelly reveals the results from his AgroLiquid soybean trial. Despite a difficult year with drought and other issues, he saw improvements in soybean yield.  Both Sure-K and Kapitalize, initially used in corn, were tested in in this soybean lab. The application was done at the R1 stage along with a fungicide, using an airplane.


Hi, this is Kelly Gareth Extreme Ag. I'm here to share with you my agro liquid soybean lab. It's the same products that were in my corn lab. It's sure kay and Capitalize versus my Grower Standard Practice. Both products showed very well, especially the capitalize. They're applied at R one with the fungicide with the airplane. The Sure Kay product was two bushel better than my grower standard practice for a positive ROI of $23 and 81 cents. The capitalized product, which I'm very excited about, was 5.3 bushel better than my grower standard practice for a positive ROI of $65 and 94 cents. Two and five bushel might not sound like a lot, but we had a terrible soybean year here with drought. Uh, hail disease. Our beans overall only made 54 bushels. So to show a five bushel yield increase or a two bushel yield increase is something that I really get excited about. And it speaks to what Lee talks about when he says Never stop rounding the basis. Even though we are having a very tough year, the capitalized produced a $66 ROI versus our grower standard practice. So this will become a product that we really look at. Don't forget, it's a really new product. Just got licensed for Iowa was originally intended for the southeast part of the United States. This is something that we'll look at going forward. Let's not forget. Capitalize is agro liquid. Sure. K potassium product, coupled with some liberate calcium technology all into one product to help supplement those ions in the soil. We always like to try new products to see what they're like before we make 'em a grower standard practice. The results we've got from capitalizing corn and soybeans are very strong. It'll be a product that we look for in the future. Very easy to use. Everything's in one jug. The k, the calcium, take it to the field, and, uh, the results have proved to be very nice. Something we'll really look at for next year.

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