Improving Soil Drainage: Matt's Drain Tile Installation for Tackling Sharkey Soil on his Farm
7 Oct 231 min 26 sec

Facing issues of poor drainage, compaction, and nutrient imbalances, Matt is installing an ADS drain tile system on his farm to overcome these challenges and improve the soil's health.

00:00 Well, guys, here we are again. Uh, this is year three of our work we've been doing with a d s, uh, drain tile advanced drainage systems. 00:09 We've got one project in McGee that we did two years ago. Just got that field harvested this year. The second crop off of it, 00:15 one we've got up there, we're trying to do irrigation through and also, uh, do the drain tile as well. This one here is gonna be just straight up drain. 00:24 We're back into sharky Clay. Uh, you can see these are some minor clots here that, that we're dealing with, but this is our high c c soils. 00:32 You could actually kill somebody with one of these pretty easy if you get 'em in the right spot. So this is the kind of soil we're trying to drain, 00:40 20 to 30 cc soils. This particular one will not have a, a lift station with it. We've got the ditch elevation low enough that we're able to just drain it 00:50 straight into the drainage ditch. So really good results on this year's soybean yield with the drain tile project. With the irrigation with it. Actually, 00:58 some of the ground that we basically don't hardly get to farm or we make subpar yields on this year was some of our best yields. 01:05 So the field was around 90 bushel, uh, with the, the highest part of that. Some of the, some of the worst ground was in the, 01:12 was in the over a hundred bushel on this type of soil. So stay tuned for some more, uh, more exciting news coming as we, as we watch this field progress.

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