Improving Crop Emergence: Don't Make This Mistake
8 Jan 242 min 28 sec

Temple Rhodes stays awake at night worrying about emergence. He learned a while ago to not make this mistake when it comes to emergence. 

00:00 Hey guys, it's Temple Rose from Extreme Act. So let's talk about what we're getting ready to do 90 days, some of us out, some of us 60 days out, some 00:07 of us a little longer than that, from planting corn, planting beans. What are you most worried about? 00:13 I'm worried about emergence because in my opinion, it all starts with emergent. I'm a big infer guide. 00:19 I'm starting to lean slightly sideways on some of the, the two by two applications that we make. 'cause I'm starting to see where sometimes that you, 00:29 we see a huge success and sometimes it's, you know, it's dead even we really don't get a huge ROI on it, but the infer applications, I'm big on Qix 00:39 and Vics I believe in in my, in for our program. But there's one thing I wanna tell you guys where I messed up at. 00:46 Don't forget your own program before you go making a bunch of changes. So I've had guys over the past year 00:53 that forgot about their old program that made 'em successful and they went out there and they went crazy 01:00 and we, you added this and we added that. They forgot about their old program. What you guys have been doing all these 01:06 years has been a success. If it wasn't a success, you wouldn't be farming today. Whatever you've done, you've done right, fine minor pieces 01:14 and parts that you can put in your program to, to finish it out. Get yourself off to a great start. 01:21 Some of the great things that you can do is, you know, adding a micronutrient but not a micronutrient for everybody. 01:28 You need a micronutrient that has something in it that you are lacking in, in your own ground. Find that peace. It's the easiest piece 01:37 that you can find, find that peace. Although the things are, is like, you know, for instance, I ate at Preor, um, years and years ago 01:46 and it gave me much, much better emergence. And that's what it's about. It's about emergence the one of the most stressful times in 01:54 that plant's life is emergence. If we can improve on that, we can improve a lot all the way through. 02:00 So guys, really study your in furrow package that you have now, it's obviously successful. If it guys that wanna start an in furrow thing, start small, 02:09 do not go crazy. A lot of money can be spent there and it can be spent right and it can be spent wrong. 02:15 So take your time, go in slow, dip and dive, do some on field trials and we'll give you as much information as we can on my end.

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