Improving Bean Crop Yields: Reducing Yield Drag In Beans After Beans Planting
30 Nov 233 min 24 sec

Temple Rhodes discusses the steps he has taken to overcome yield drag in consecutive bean planting seasons. Stay tuned for a podcast episode on this topic this winter. Become a member to get details on the program he used.

00:00 So Harvest Farm Corn, it's over. Um, we're pretty much through beans. Uh, we've got a little bit more to do. 00:08 We've got some to do as well. Um, so I wanted to take a second and, you know, by, we think about all the different things 00:16 that we're, we've done all year long. Tr you know, whether it's your own personal on-Farm trials, what paid off, what didn't pay off. 00:25 You know, we've got a pretty good relationship with Nature's, and Nature's has come up with a couple different things. 00:32 I had a problem this year, right? So I'm hoping to do a podcast on this later. So I had this, this problem where we wanted to try to grow 00:40 beans on beans quite a few years. So I'm three years Beans on beans. We needed to know what's, what is that yield drag? 00:48 What is that limiting factor? 'cause we can't never find that limiting factor, right? We don't know exactly what it is. 00:55 All's we know is like, maybe it's disease, maybe it's, you know, fertility, maybe it's too much nitrogen that's already out there from the previous bean crop. 01:04 It, you know, leaving back some stuff. We don't know what it is, but Beans on Beans is a huge yield track in my area. 01:11 It's eight to 10 bushel. So I'm trying to overcome that. So these were irrigated beans on beans. 01:17 What we did is, is I went to Tommy Roach at Nature's and told him about what the problem was and what we were trying to accomplish. 01:24 Well, he came up with some stuff, me and him and Chad Henderson kind of sat down and went over, you know, what, what we thought, 01:31 what we think and what, what, what, what is the plan? What exactly are we gonna do? Well, we came up with this new fertility, 01:42 and I'm not saying that it's gonna work for every situation, but at least for the situation that we had at that, 01:49 you know, with beans on Beans irrigated, it really kind of fixed the problem. You know, we did multiple trials. 01:57 We did a trial where it was just one, um, application and it, and then, and it made a difference. It didn't make a humongous difference, but it made an ROI. 02:08 So anytime that we can make an ROI and we can take little nips and pieces, um, I'll take that, I'll take it. 02:16 So we made an ROI with one application, then we put two applications on and it made another one. Uh, it returned that investment again, 02:26 and it was greater this time. Then we took another pass out there where we made three different applications, 02:32 and the timing was all throughout the year. You know, we did it once at V three, and then we did it once at, you know, like R one. 02:42 And then once again, you know, when it was a little further in. Um, and all of them really panned out. 02:49 But I, I, we ended up when we stacked them all, and I didn't, I didn't add this like, oh, I'm gonna make another pass. 02:57 I didn't make another pass. This is when I was making passes. Anyway, I was already out there in this bean 03:02 field actually still doing it. So, um, stay tuned guys. You know, when we start to talk about the data and you wanna see some of the data on the member side, 03:11 um, it's all in there. Uh, big, huge returns, um, from a maybe potentially a new product coming from Nature's stay tuned guys.

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