14 Apr 232 min 7 sec

Spring brings temperature swings and cold rain systems. Matt has a warning about imbibitional chilling and why you might not want to race to get that crop planted before a cold rain system moves in. Here is what you need to know...

00:00 Hey guys, Matt Swanson with extreme AG hero. I want to shoot a quick video on something that we need to be looking out 00:06 for this weekend as the weather changes a bit. We've had a strong week week and a half of planning here in Central and Western, Illinois. I don't know about you but 00:15 in a lot of places in the midwest that's been what we've been doing planting hard. This weekend. We've got a little bit of a weather change a cold 00:22 rain coming in. What we want to do is be on the lookout for something called imbibational chilling. So the seed 00:28 imbibes water. Okay, and in by baseball chilling is when in Vibes cold water and it shocks the seed, okay, because we got nice warm soil temps 00:37 and depending on where you're at. You know, you may want to consider. Maybe stopping planning a little early ahead 00:44 of that wet rain because what we're doing is we want to look 24 hours out. And if and that's kind of when we're gonna start our 00:50 invibation process. And if you're still planning. To the point where that first drink is going to be really cold. You can have some significant stand loss or some bigger 01:01 loss. Okay, especially if you have poor quality seed or seed that's already gonna have maybe a tougher time coming up. Anyway, whether it's damaged or 01:11 Or maybe not as vigorous anyway, or even a variety that's just not as vigorous as other things. 01:18 So look 24 hours out. Make a call and maybe we're gonna stop that planner. 30 hours 36 hours out from when that cold rain is give 01:27 that seed a chance to take in that warm water. Get off to a great start and you may be able to prevent or at least diminish, you know, the stand injury 01:37 potential staying injury or loss that you would have from and buyational chilling. So look 24 to 36 hours out. See what your weather looks 01:46 like if it's cold wet. That would be a chance that maybe we should slow down or stop our planner do some planner maintenance cleaner tractor 01:54 cabs catch up on our spring any number of other things take a break. You've had a good week. Don't make an unforced error here.