I Think I Am Just Gonna Wait It Out
8 May 233 min 22 sec

Temple is close to getting back in the field to finish out his corn, but has decided he is going to wait.  Here is why...

00:00 where I talked to my boys this morning and we got about a day or two of decent weather and I really want to start planting corn and try to 00:11 get this thing finished up. You know, we've got I guess we're on the last 750 Acres or so. I'm trying 00:17 to get it licked down grounds already been worked. We got this little crust that's starting to come on it. You know, there's nothing better than planting in that crust. It's 00:27 Orgasmic, I don't really have any of better term for it. It's beautiful. Grounds a little bit wet. I really want to go but you 00:39 know, we're we're out here the last few the last you know, I don't know I'd say it's probably gonna cover up six 700 Acres of it at least 500 Acres 00:48 of it anyway of test plots trials that we're working on for extreme AG Partners. So I want to make sure that it goes in the ground 00:57 right this ground looks like it's drying out. I don't know if you can take a look at it, but we got some of them wet bottoms, you know, they're a little bit damn. 01:08 And I think I could I could probably come in here with a vertical tillage tool and I could probably open it up and make it 01:14 dry out, but I'm probably going to create another problem. I'm probably gonna create you know a little bit of hard pain. I don't 01:21 want to do that. I'm well. I'm probably gonna wait it's you know, we're here in the first week of March. 01:27 Or may sorry geez. I'm losing time here. First week of May. I should be happy that we've gotten this much done this particular Farm got planted last year on I think 01:37 it was May 18th. That's what my nephew was telling me this morning. I never really looked 01:43 So I guess I'm ahead of the schedule. You know for the most part, you know, I don't really try to plant by what the 01:49 day is of the year. I try to plant by what the what's right for right now and as of right now 01:55 I think I'm just gonna wait. I'm gonna wait we got one more shower rain that might come through on Monday or Tuesday supposed 02:01 to go see Chad and Alabama on Wednesday. And I'd really love to stay home and get this stuff playing it for our extreme AG partners for the trials and the labs but it looks 02:12 like I'm probably gonna weigh it out. You know, I just want to I want to make sure it comes up perfect. I want to make sure I get that perfect stand and I'm irrigated on this on these 02:21 last farm. So I'm not necessarily super worried about it. I don't think that I'm losing much yield. I think that we probably could be potentially losing 02:31 a little bit of yield but I don't think that it's bad enough. I think that I can overcome that so I'm gonna put a bunch of stuff in 02:37 Furrow and a bunch of stuff in the tuba too. I'm gonna try to put as much pgrs in there that I can kind of kick it in the butt and make it go quick. So I 02:46 think that it'll catch up all the corn that we've looked at so far this week is all looks pretty good that 02:52 stuff. That's up all the beans look pretty good. They're a little bit slow. The boys was telling me this morning that they went and looked at a bunch of corn and beans and there's 03:02 some beans have been in a grand for 23 days 21 2 Day, something like that, and they said that they're just starting to crack the ground. So not overly worried, 03:12 but I really want to get done so back to you soon guys.

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