I Did Not Think It Could Make This Big of A Difference
15 Apr 230 min 55 sec

Kelly talks about his experience with the Fulltec Adjuvant from


 and why it is part of his grower standard practice.

00:00 Hi, this is Kelly. Garretta stream AG. I'm going to share with you today. Why full Tech adjuvants from spraytech has become a grower 00:06 standard practice on our Farms. It's drift control. It's a deformer. It balances the ph and it's a water conditioning agent 00:14 all in one. I really didn't think that it was going to make that big a difference the effect it has on our weed control is tremendous the kill we're getting on our our weeds is 00:23 great. It's a marketed difference that we can see. I didn't think an adjuvant can make that big a difference. I know some 00:29 people are skeptical because of the two ounce rate in corn and the three ounce we're eating soybeans, but that's another added benefit to it 00:35 doesn't take up a lot of room on the tender truck. And now with today's foliers and stress mitigation products in pgr 00:41 that we're using plus the herbicide the tender truck gets pretty full so only half and use a two or three ounce rate is really nice. Like I said full Tech has become Growers standard practice 00:50 for us. Thank you.

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