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Matt is taking a page out of the #SendIt twins playbook with one last late season wheat application. Here is what he did. 

00:00 Hi guys, Matt miles with extreme AG. Sorry, my voice is about half gone today. I'm standing here my wheat field and I'm a little excited about what we doing. 00:11 We did this yesterday. So I'm gonna I'm gonna go to my send it twin mode. I'm not a senate twin at all, but this is something I learned from them. 00:20 So yesterday we come out here on our on our wheat. We've already put our heads Gap out got everything done. 00:30 A couple of weeks ago and now it's time to just wait and let the mature. Well, I listen to Chad and Temple and I'll even give Kevin Matthews 00:40 some credit on this on R5 beans. They put an R3 application on Corner fertility and they put a late application on beans and fertility and got some 00:49 pretty dead going good results. So I got to thinking in my mind and with some help from from different people, you know 00:58 weeds of grass crop corns of grass crop. Why couldn't we make this same yield? increase 01:06 on the wheat well, and as all y'all know we are in a wheat wager and last year. 01:11 some kind of way, you know a blind hog always finds an acre and we found an acre in last year once a week contest and You know looking at my my weight this year probably is not 01:21 gonna be the winner. Hopefully I don't come in last I think Kelly's gonna come in last because he said he disk it most of his up. So at least it won't come in last I think you know stranger things 01:32 have happened. So we'll see what happens there. So with this week wager, you know, I decided to go ahead 01:38 and make this application on this field and see what happens. And I did do. 01:44 About a hundred and forty Acres on my my normal planted wheat I run a gallon of what's called total 10 from concept of agartek. 01:54 We were on a page Road just to make sure we didn't have any insects in it. And then I run a I think I ran a pound of 02:01 sugar with that just to give of mmts sugar just to give that plant a little bit of energy to go with that fertility. I'm putting out there the scented twins 02:10 kind of told me that was something I need to do. The sugar was not in my plan until I talk to the professionals. So 02:17 anyway, long story short. The wheat wager field we put two gallons on and I know the send it twins tell you a lot of stuff going on, but there's one of them. 02:27 I'm not really sure. He may Farm Red Dirt. I'm not really sure that he tells me everything he does. 02:34 But you know, he does tell me most of what he does so long story short again. I'm going to I mean, I put this application out. We'll 02:44 see what it does on on the well we weighed your field is two gallons. So I don't have a check out here on my normal Planet weed. I do have a check. We 02:53 ran one gallon pound of sugar and the pay throw it on that so we'll see, you know, 140 acres 02:59 and I think there's about 300 acres there. So that'll give us some good checks to see what's going on. I'm a little bit embarrassed my hat like that. I'm gonna put my hat back on right 03:09 where I feel more comfortable doing these videos. Anyway, I really wanted to kind of heckle these other guys about the wheat like I did last year. I had 03:18 a lot better wheat crop than I do this year. So I felt a little confident to Heckle everybody and know at least I'd come in maybe second third fourth this year. I'm 03:27 a little scared to Heckle anybody because I'm not sure that I might not still come in last. So y'all have a good day. I just want to tell you about these late applications on the 03:37 fertility, whether it's corn wheat beans. I'm gonna try the corn and the beans this year you I can promise you that and I'm doing the wheat now, so we'll 03:46 see what happens, but we may not be running the bases as Darth Vader says we may just be kind of stopping at second and hopefully we'll find out y'all. Have 03:55 a good day.

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