How Chad's Planter Fertility System is Set Up
9 Feb 242m 58s

Chad walks thru the fertility system set-up on his planter. Including the in-furrow and 2x2 fertilizer systems on his planter.

00:00 Hey y'all, this is Chad Henderson with Extreme Ag and I just want to give you a real quick overview, um, of kind of what our planter 00:07 looks like at this time of the year. Might give you some thoughts how we run stuff. Those two tanks right there on the wing 00:12 are the in furrow tank. That's where we get those, get, get our, put our product down in the furrow. 00:17 Obviously I don't have any markers on this thing, so I slid 'em all the way to the outside and we can feel from the back. 00:23 You'll see the hose that's right there. It'll be going down all the way down. And when we fold out, we got it all looped under the back 00:30 of the planter so we can feel it from the back. That one is a nitrogen tank and it is tied into the big tanks on the tractor. 00:38 You'll see that ho hose coed up right there. When it's co coiled up, it goes under the tractor. We just hadn't got it run yet, and it's tied to those. 00:46 We can feel that tank from the front of the tractor or the back of the planter, either one. And I can feel the tanks on the tractor 00:54 from the back of the planter. So we can push it all the way to the front and all the way to the back. 00:58 We don't have a pump on the front to pump those to the back. We'll just, I'll pull this one down so far. 01:06 I'll pull that one down so far and when I do, I'll open the valves on the tractor and it'll check, it'll just, it'll, 01:11 it'll pull it on back there to it. And then we have a red balls hang up there, you know, and we looking at different ways of doing 01:16 that right now we've, you know, with a lot of stuff we're using, we're changing that dark and it's getting black with the helix and things. 01:23 So the red, conventional red ball thing, it is hard to see 'em. We're looking at different ways of putting that on. 01:29 We'll probably go with a couple different kits and we'll show y'all that later. So let's get to the pump part. 01:33 So the pumps, we have a hydraulic pump that's on the back and we have the valves here 01:38 and some, uh, section control pieces up here as well in the middle of this. And I'm sure that's y'all, 01:43 that's pretty standard on the planter. But now let's look back here at the back on the pumps. So we have one hydraulic pump from John Blue here 01:49 that runs the two to two part. And then we got a ground driven pump that runs from, uh, that runs the in feral part. 01:57 And then both fills are here. We can just plug them both up and get this thing where we're pumping two products at once. 02:03 So I'll have a nurse trailer pull up and one pump will be running and pumping the infer in and one pump will be running and pumping the tube to two in. 02:11 And we've got our planter rigged up where we can get about an 80 acre load, which is pretty nice, you know, 02:15 and another thing we can do with it is when we bring it out the first year or we run it empty or something, 02:20 we can close this valve off right here going to the in furrow. And when we close it off, 02:25 we can pressurize the whole system. It's really nice to check for leaks. It's nice also to just prime the system first year, 02:32 make sure everything looks like it's supposed to look, you know. So that's an overview of what our planter 02:37 and pump situation looks like. Again, infer on a on a wheel, ground driven deal, two by two on a hydraulic deal, and we can fill from the back 02:47 and about an 80 acre load total time. You get the, all the tanks tied together, have planting. Get the planters ready.

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