Nitrogen Reduction Plot
13 Jul 231 min 1 sec

Matt takes a look at his nitrogen reduction plot.  He made an application of Source Corn at brown silk. He still thinks there is room to reduce more.  He explains.

00:00 So today we're looking at our nitrogen reduction plot, and this particular plot we're in today is a source plot. The application of the source went out around the, around the brown silk, uh, 00:11 timeframe, which is just after pollination different timings for the source product. Uh, we talked to our rep and, and, 00:18 and that was kind of thinking the brown silk would be better for us. You know, I still don't think we're reducing our nitrogen a lot enough. 00:24 A lot of the old timers say, you know, if you've got, you need about a half inch to an inch til back, that means you used all your nitrogen. If you have no tip back, 00:31 then you didn't use all your nitrogen. And you can go out here and find places where we got some tip back and, and some not. But, uh, you know, we're still working with this process. Um, 00:41 source has got some pretty amazing things going on with the nitrogen reduction piece. Uh, I think they're also being able to do some stuff with, 00:48 with phosphorus also. So, uh, we'll keep you, keep you informed on what happens with the plot. Right now it's looking pretty good.

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