3 Oct 233 min 29 sec

Temple learns about the Deer Deterrent he could have...and should have... used on this field earlier this spring.

00:00 So we're riding down the road today and John and I were discussing agronomy and what, what we've doing and what the things that I've changed. 00:07 So here we are in the sorghum field and I'm completely uncomfortable with this crop, but it, this, this spurred, you know, 00:14 with our relationships that we have, we spur all kinds of activity and we start talking about stuff that we didn't think we, we didn't originate to do that, right? 00:23 We were just talking about corn and beans like we always do. We were looking at corn crop bean crop and talking agronomy, what we do. 00:29 And this came up and uh, he was like, you know, what other crops do you do you guys deal with? And I'm like, I got one. Funny for you. So I'm dealing with sorghum, having grown sorghum in 20 years. 00:40 You know, it was tough to find a market for it, but the reason that I did this is in this particular area, I was telling John that we, it'll get wiped out by deer. 00:48 So we took our wheat crop off of this and we usually double crop soybeans and it's, it's so bad deer damage down here. My dad was like, 00:58 you're crazy if you plant a crop out there of beans 'cause you're just gonna replant it. A farmer down the road replanted his bean crop, 01:05 the early bean crop three times to, to get a stand. And he was like, you're just, you're, you're, you're crazy. Like they're gonna mow you down. 01:13 Like just don't do it. So I, I found this other market that I'd been kind of trying to figure out there for a while. And so I told John, I said, well, we can go look at that sorghum field. 01:23 And then he's like, you know, we have this deer deterrent. I'm like, well man, here I am with this uncomfortable crop that I don't know anything about. 01:32 And everybody's like, just treat it like corn. I'm like, I'm trying to grow 250 Bushs of corn. Like, I, 01:39 I don't even know what I'm doing out here. Mm-hmm. Like, I'm lost. So tell, tell me where I messed up at. 01:44 Like we got a deer deterrent now that I didn't know we had. Yeah. So, uh, we've got, it's called X fence is what it is, 01:51 and it's a blend of oils that, uh, deter the deer and wildlife and it's peppermint oil and garlic oil. And we spray the borders at a 32 ounce rate and then guys will go a pint on the 02:00 interior to, to keep the deer away. So I, I mean like what kind of, what kind of time window do we have? It never matters in a crop when we do 02:07 It right? Yeah. So, um, the timeline on that, you're looking at probably 10 days to 14 days of control. If you put a surfactant with it, you might be able to extend that. Um, 02:16 and of course rainfall will with determinations. So what Happens if I'm making a pass out here of, let's just call it, you know, 02:23 well not in this crop, 'cause I don't, deer don't eat this, this Stuff like a herbicide pass and double crop, right? 02:28 So I mean like, when would I make that past? Like it could, I put a herbicide in it, a micro pack fungicide and, and it all blends. 02:36 Yes. Yeah. So that's what we, we've tried deer deterrence in the past and we've had trouble with, you know, blendability issues. So we end up just using it with just strictly water. 02:44 And they all say that they last 10 to 14 days, right? Yeah. But I can actually make it stick one Right. Use adjuvant. 02:53 I can actually spreader Sticker will help with that. Yeah. And we don't have any compatibility issues or anything. Nope. 02:58 So I'm growing this crop for no reason. I'm not saying that it looks like a pretty cool crop to grow if you get back into it. 03:04 I don't know anything about it. Neither do I. So I'm not, so we're out here just crushing it. So what we're doing is, 03:10 is I'm not doing my research and John's not doing his job to lead me in to not growing this and I don't know anything about it. 03:18 So we're gonna learn a lot of stuff from all this stuff, but right now we're growing sorghum and I don't know nothing about it.

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