How To Get The Most Out Of Your Poultry Litter

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9 Jan 232 min 33 secPremium Content

Poultry Litter is full of nutrients and organic matter that builds fertility and improves soil biology. But how do you ensure that you are maximizing all of the nutrients contained in this low cost natural fertilizer? Temple Rhodes shares his program.

Agrotech USA

Hey guys, temples from extreme AG. The we had a question the other day. How do we get this poetry litter? On to a cover crop field and get the nutrients of more value available. And can we do that with a burn down process like after that? So yes, the answer is yes. This is so this is what we're gonna do. What we're gonna do is we're gonna spread three tons of litter and that's according to our new treatment management plan in the state of Maryland three tons of litter we're gonna spread it on the field Tunes. We're done spreading it on the cover crop field. We are then going to go and we're gonna Aid a product called trying is from a company called agrotec USA. That product is very very similar to neutral charge. It helps get phosphorus high phosphorus fertility into our plans not only gets phosphorus into the plant. It also helps the plant pull up more calcium a bunch of other things and we've shown this on in tissue samples and a lot of our data collection. So what are total program is going to be this? And I'm going to explain to you why I do this. So This goes out three times two acre triume is going to be in our mix and it'll go on about 18 19 ounces an acre. It's about a $15 an acre product as that's about what we're gonna spend on that. We're gonna add round up to it. Probably some other residual chemicals to it on our burn down. We're also going to add sea cat the reason we're gonna ascat sea cats a humic acid. We're gonna add a humic acid and we're going to add a sugar the sugar that I I use the most of is octane from AG Explorer. Here's why I added the humics and the sugars. So humix and sugars when it's sprayed on the ground it'll speed up biological activity, you know, feed your microbes in your ground when we feed those microbes. We speed up that process micro-biological activity help break this down as well. So we're taking two different directions. And we're gonna speed it up with trying and then we're gonna speed it up with some things that are going to speed up our by like, you know, it's gonna add to our microbes make them more active if we can do that those two things together. Yes, we can get more fertility. nutrients into the plant That's what our that's what we're going to do. This year. Stay tuned guys. Keep the questions coming. We're always readily and available. See you soon.

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