How These Soybeans Rebounded After a Hail Storm
26 Oct 232 min 45 sec

Lee talks about how he got his soybeans to rebound after a hail storm ripped them apart at V-4.

00:00 Hey everybody, this is Lee Luber Extreme Ag. It's a reminder today. Life hands, you lemons. Turn it into lemonade. 00:09 This field here, after we planted it, they were well into V four and we got a bad hailstorm. Came through this whole area. Got uh, 00:20 probably three 4,000 acres in the vicinity and beans were really beat up. Bad, uh, broken stems, lost some nodes, uh, 00:29 probably 50% loss on leaf tissue. Uh, we let 'em bounce back for about five days. And then what we did is we came in and we used mega grow, A P G R to push cell growth, 00:42 cell division, get 'em going again, incorporated in spray techs, soy product, their micronutrient pack. We love that product. It's so adaptable, 00:52 very synergistic with anything we put it with. It's like one plus one equals three. That's what we love about that product and ease of use. 01:00 And then we threw in a fungicide to wanted to prevent future infections from all the breaks on the stems. As you can see, we have some 01:11 stems with splits and breaks. Numerous ones, but we kept 'em healthy. Branched out twice. So for being a dry year, 01:22 I am tickled pink. Uh, neighbors on either side didn't do anything. You could visibly see beans are not as good. 01:30 And one on the other side to the south here. He actually went, tore 'em out and replanted lost almost a month. Uh, we sprayed right up against the fence with what they have. 01:45 We'll combine 50, 60 bushel beans. They had to start over. So like I said, when life hands you lemons turn into lemonade. 01:54 It's how you handle adversity. That's what makes it work. And we did that trio of products with 02:02 the whole reason of let's get 'em back running again. And that's what we did. We got these plants functioning, got 'em growing. Uh, 02:11 actually promoted cell growth. Got a lot of the breaks to start. New branches put on pods. So we gained yield. 02:19 Uh, instead of taking the lump, we took a step back, took a breath, and we sent it. We did what Chad does all the time. 02:29 And the other guy's an extreme ag. That's how you handle your adversity. That's what puts money in the bank and bushels in the bin. I'm Lee Luber, 02:38 the extreme ag. Let's do it.

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