How Kevin Increased his farm average

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30 Dec 224 min 8 secPremium Content

What is the most important thing Kevin did to increase his farm average for soybeans? He talks about incorporating Total Phos and Nutricharge into his fertility program to drive a steady soybean yield increase over the past few years. 

Concept Agritek

Agrotech USA

So we're right here. We come in. We've got the crops in the bin and we've calculated up the bushels. And did not have the the bumper overall Farm yield on corn we did break our record on soybeans very happy about that for our farm record. As far as overall average didn't have no blow your top off, you know contest Acres. Our farm average is what pays the bills that's what we're really after we want to make it good and sometimes when the yield contest it's always great to win but it's always better when you have a record Farm average like we did on our soybean crop this past year corn. We was off we was probably in the top 10 or 12 cops, but hey, I'll take it really blessed to get it. So we got our bushels into being as I spoke earlier. What is you know, what's the most important things that we've done? We've seen several products out there that I really Pleased with last year, we we started using more of a product from concept agrotech called total Foss.

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