28 Apr 232 min 28 sec

A brief shower put a stop to Chad's planting operations so he takes you on a walk-around of his planter to look at how he has his fertility and row units set up.

00:00 And y'all this Chad Henderson with extreme mag? And we doing a walk around this morning. We got our tractor now 00:06 all ready to go which we've planted about 2,300 acres of corn and it's got a shower. So we're kind of come in clean some things up a little bit and just 00:15 servicing overall general service when you do don't forget to kind of wash your fertilizers off because it'll kind of Choke up at the end. So we kind of spray them 00:24 off a little bit at the back of the planter and anyway check for all the gauge wheels closing Wheels do a 00:30 good grease do a good cleaning and get it all service up and ready to go again full of fuel full of Death full of fertilizer and we like 00:39 about I don't know probably five six seven hundred acres of corn and we'll have corn wrapped up off into the beans. We'll go. So this side 00:48 of the planner again. I said, sad, I'm comparing That fertilizer system to this fertilizer system and this side of planter has concealed on it as you can see I'm missing 00:57 a knife. So that's something we're checking over to see what we're you know, what was for and what ain't what's what has 01:03 fallen off and what ain't some of the gauge wheels, you know, the will have a little loose bearing in it. We put two or three of them on and then the closing 01:12 Wheels as well. We'll check those out. I think we're good on them today. 01:16 We also on his planner were comparing to closure wheel on both sides of integrated egg. And we're come we got it on one side with a 01:25 steel wheel on one side and a closing the closure on other side. We'll also look at that the last year we couldn't see any emergence difference, you know whatsoever, but that 01:34 if we put two rows on the outside, we're got four rows essentially together, you know, so we're always comparing things like that. 01:43 So this plant the planter is set up, you know, like say without conceal on it and it's got these from these 01:49 tubes these white tubes on the back. So we'll run those on this half so half the planter has the Y tubes half the planter has conceal on it. 01:58 And the reason is, you know, we're just trying to look at the most efficient and effective way. We this may not be efficient, but 02:04 it's less breakage. That's for sure and let's maintenance and when you have less maintenance you plant more acres in a day you get to crop planting on time. So it's always 02:13 something to the maintenance side of it and we're always testing you products to see which would be better or 02:21 worse. in that situation

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